As some might have noticed, I have changed the name of this blog. I left the ‘Ramblings of the Dutch Guy’ behind me and decided to go with ’22:2i – 22 minutes 2 corporate insanity’. The reason why is actually because I started to take a little bit of time to read up on blogs, and there it was, describing the title and the options, and one of the rules was to stay away from the word ‘Rambling’ in a blog title because it is already so often used.

Wow. Lesson learned.

I might write this blog, and claim to have knowledge in certain areas of the ability to see what might be self-destructive behavior in companies in IT. But I also have a newbie on many areas. Like I have mentioned before; I am still trying to figure out how to get new audiences. But also maintaining a blog or even my Twitter account, which is by the way to be found at http://twitter.com/pwzuidemaand it gives mostly updates about this blog.

So, now it is 22:2i. Is it a good title? I don’t know. A title, just like a brand, might work in more weird ways than you would expect. True, branding of a company or product is very important, but even than not a guarantee for good branding. But it can helping build it up. To be honest, come on, we deal with a bookstore called ‘Amazon’. True, it is now a strong brand, but the name itself is a bit off if you think about it. Or Apple. Pepsi. All strong names that in the beginning did not have any following like any other brand that just started up.

So again, is 22:2i a good title? It is not a name that is easy to pronounce, so in that aspect; no. It is a name that is easy recognizable though. With a production that you create, you can run tests, see how people respond to functionalities and if you are a good company, you reflect that to your anticipation and eventually make changes and let it evolve.

Is that as easy with branding? Of course, in the beginning it is if you don’t have a real audience yet that is aware of your brand. But once you build up a bit of an audience, it might be a little bit harder.

Especially building an online brand is hard if you start up. If you deal, offline, with a local brand, it is only the locale you have to consider. If I want to start a pastry store called Peter’s Bakery in New Hope, PA I do not worry about Peter’s Bakery in Philadelphia. But let’s face it, online I cannot use the name Amazon in association with books. The locale is, well, the whole world now. There are so many brands out there.

Personally, I like it if a tiny company takes itself too seriously (by the way, a mistake I make too often) and with their branding and communication are projecting themselves to be a massive new player on the market. The next best thing to sliced bread. It is just like talking to the owner of a sole-proprietary who calls himself the CEO. Yes, he is, but he is also accountant, janitor, workhorse… it feels a bit too serious.

So, where do I jump in with Dialect-Line? I had this name since I was 13 years old and at one moment, it clung on me. It is not a good name for a product, but for my company, well, you know what. I think it has a ring, but is not something too seriously or something with a meaning. Because, honestly, it has not.

But, now that I changed the name of this blog to 22:2i I of course expect thousands of visitors a day, immediately, as soon as I post ‘POST THIS’ on this page, I will gather a huge audience… Of course!


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