Again: Free is a horrible businessplan

It has now been widely published that people rather see internet advertisements than that they have to pay for their content. Well, tell me something we didn’t know yet. Especially in this day and age, we rather have anything for free because we cannot afford anything. www.arstechnica.comeven came with a complete article explaining whey they want people not to use their ad-blockers.

And the problem is, on the internet, everyone grew so accustomed to ‘free’. ‘There is no such thing as a free lunch’, wasn’t that the saying? A lot of people protest now when they have to pay for music. They think that $1 per song is thievery, and they want to kill the copyrights. In an interview with a couple of children in the Netherlands, not too long ago the answer to the question why they copied games illegally was simple; ‘Everyone in my class has it and I cannot afford it. So I have to have it.’

In an earlier post of today I mentioned that IT and ICT are not yet at a very solid level and mentioned that with the examples of the back-end and front-end. Add there the content to please. There were times that people paid for their newspaper, and did not complain. There were times that people would buy music on a record, and again, people did not complain.

I don’t mind paying for services. If I make use of someone’s efforts and work, I should pay for it. If the amount to be paid is higher than my emotional value of the product, it is expensive, otherwise it is cheap. What I do not understand though is why people do spend so much money on gadgets, eBay, movies and going out, but don’t want to pay a low subscription fee for a site whose content you really appreciate. A news site subscription usually costs between $5-$10 per month. It delivers you loads of news. Now, get a subscription with your local pornographic website, and you only get the loads, but not the news and you pay usually about $25+ for it. And you know what? Those sites sell subscriptions like sweet-rolls.

So, what did you expect when you would ask people if they would rather read news for free, or for money. It is not really rocket science.

Now, what we need to come up with is how a publisher can receive payments for their news, and that people would love to pay for it. We need to evolve the content structure of the internet too.


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