Ah, a rainy monday morning. A perfect day for an IT-rant.

Ah, it is Monday, it is rainy and absolutely cold compared to the previous blistering weeks we’ve had here in the north-east. Sitting then in an office that has the airco on ‘freeze’ and beneath the airco a fan that makes sure that everyone in the office enjoys the touch of arctic breeze around here, really makes it a good time for a bit of IT rant.

First up; Browser Cache. Enough already! There are practical uses for caching, and especially when people were still calling in all the time with their internet connection, caching made sure that files you had downloaded once, did not have to download again. But, a lot has changed and even normal internet connections share enough speed to handle uncached files for browsing. On the server side, this is a whole other issue, where caching is absolutely recommended, but client side? And it hurts the security settings too. And if the browser cahcing is gone, maybe, finally, we can have a good log-in authentication system for sites that do not lose all your settings everytime you faithfully clear your cahce. Browser caching really has to go.

Next HTML. Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually like to work in HTML and still do a lot of work in it. But, please, HTML has had its longest time. It is a mark-up language, and not a solid one either. One that took 4 full versions to be where it is now, and number 5 is not going to be a whole lot different. My issue with it is that it still handles everything in ‘pages’. Pages belong in a book, not on a computer. Why is it so that your whole computer is application oriented, including the navigation. But then suddenly a big part of it is ‘pages’. Again, 15 years ago it was a good thing. And you could preset the layout before the files were even loaded. We are not 15 years further while most sites have a more advanced iPhone/Droid App available where they don’t work in pages anymore either. HTML is mostly used these days for launching server-side applications and because of HTML, any kind of web-app builder still needs to render it’s output to ‘pages’. Worse, creating in ‘pages’ a way to mimic your own Operating-System user-interface behavior. HTML has to go… even though I know it is too hard to get rid off.

Let’s see, let’s get to OS security software next. The software does not need to go, worse, we need it. But because of the anti-trust conviction on Microsoft, now about 10 years ago, Microsoft is not allowed to ship out any kind of security software with their software. Now, from a monopoly perspective, this is good. For us, users, it’s not. Because it is known that a computer is already receiving malicious software and attacks within the first 12 minutes as it is hooked up to the internet. If you just had a fresh installation of your computer, you first need to go out online to get your security software, making you actually vulnerable to potential threats right then. Although companies that are not considered a monopoly (like Apple) they can actually bundle this software, but since most of us are Windows users, this is a serious problem that the internal firewall for Windows does not handle.

And then, the last for today. Let’s kill the mouse. Singlehandedly it is the input-device causing more carpal-tunnel syndromes than anything else. It is absolutely an non-precise and almost useless interface element designed about 23-25 years ago for creating the possibility of point-and-click interfaces. It is still an ‘off’ input device that in no way mimics the behaviour it tries to show. Especially when you work with a conventional mouse, that you have to lift up, move, and put back again on the desk to give it more space to move. Especially when you work with multiple desktops. I love tablets or precision pointing tools, and they absolutely decrease the chance of any carpal-tunnel syndrome too. I do like the scroll-wheel though.

Alright, that should be enough ranting for right now. I have had my coffee now, I should be good for the rest of the day.

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