Ah, good old December

What is a better time of the year than good old December. I love this time, maxing out my credit cards to buy the presents for all the holidays that are coming up, wondering if I can make it to the next payday before I recieve an ‘insufficiant funds’ message from my bank. If I do, it is really feeling like as a holiday 🙂 But what surprised me is that all this merryment around us really takes away the focus of your personal financial situation and gets you happy about spending. Wooohooo!

True, I have to be honest, as my parents absolutely can verify, I have been a happy spender all of my life.  Not really the well educated spender though. Let’s say I was never meant to become an accountant, or, even if my future unfortunately would take me down that path, I was never meant to become a good accountant. But, December is the season to be jolly – as I like to sing out loud in the office at the expense of my co-workers – I will take a look at things that are actually good in the IT world: Happy Spending.

What I love about new technologies is that they will only be adapted by the broader public if there is some personal entertainment in it. Not only for personal use, but even for official use; people rather work with something pleasant and functional then purely functional. Who can blame them?  Look for example at Apple. Personally, I am not a fan of the business model, think their hard- and software is majorly overpriced, but even I as a happy Windows user cannot deny that their products are majorly ‘cool’. And not only have they people buy their products for equally majorly prices (which actually adds up to the ‘exclusive factor’ – even though everyone had an iPod these days), they defend it till death. And you know what? Good for them, if you are happy with a product, why shouldn’t you. As my father-in-law mentions to me that if you can sell a product, and people buy it even though you know they pay way too much, but they leave satisfied (even though they grumble while paying the money) – you have done a good deal as a seller.

It is one of the things that people like to do, spending money. The only problematic moment is when they actually hand over the money. I mean, this is the only moment that people get in touch with the reality of the amount that they are spending. If you, as a sales-person/dealer/store can make that moment ‘go away’ it will result in a better sales experience and lead to more expensive. Yes, I am playing the Devil’s advocate here, because, well, as stated above, I have had my spending sprees that I was not able to fullfill financially afterwards too. But from a production value, it is something great.

Especially online. Doesn’t anyone notice that somehow the sites that want to get your money are running much better, less buggy and much more streamlined then anything else in the industry? Honestly, who ever really got problems buying stuff with Amazon’s 1-click buying option? I did not. Never. And I never heard of it. Now, the NY-times site, one of the biggest and most respected news sites around comes up with coding problems, bugs and failed CSS loads often on my browsers. I cannot buy any hardware that does not have a driver problem on whatever system, and I still have a Microsoft Fingerprint reader, especially designed for Windows Vista, that did not get any 64-bit drivers at all and is gathering dust rather than fingerprints.

But somehow, if I want to buy anything online… it goes so smooth. Fast. I feel almost like buying something right now, just because of experiencing one computer program that actually works. Of course, the use of those dreaded credit cards helps too, you never see the money leaving your wallet. Sure, your bank will send you heaploads of automated messages telling you your creditcard somehow shows an amount that is higher than it’s limit (isn’t the term ‘limit’ quite flexible when it comes to credit cards?), but then you already spent the money. Chances are you will not blame Target or Penny’s online, but your bank (like I do, I love to complain about banks, even when it is my own fault).

But, you have to give it to them, there is proof that good computer programs do exist. And the good part is, they make December shopping so much easier. So… let’s see, what does amazon have for sale today?


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