Apple and the rules of the playground (and the players are chosing sides).

Was it first Apple alone preaching against the use of Adobe’s Flash, striking up a dangerous front against the most used multimedia platform around, more and more the IT world is taking sides, and most of them are actually with Adobe.

It is not about Flash, or Adobe, but how a single company like Apple, tries to dictate the world what technologies should or should not be used. And although they are still a small player in the desktop-computer field, with their mobile devices like the iPod, iPhone and the iPad they are the leader. And not only that, they have an image that is ‘hip’. The son or daughter of the CEO you have to pitch your products to tomorrow has an iPad, and so while you try to pitch your Flash production, the question will come if it also runs on the iPad.

‘No sir, it does not. But it does run on all other platforms!’

Don’t even try it. Just pack your stuff and leave. Even though Apple products only cover a small amount of web users, they have the image of being everywhere. And there you are, as a small-company developer, trying to earn a living in Flash, C#, or whatever other kind of expertise you have… not able to sell simply because you are not a Mac.

Well, I am not a Mac. I am a PC. Sure, I do have my iPod, and I love how it works. But even I will not push myself to develop for the iP* line. Simply because I do not believe in the investment I have to make in it, for something that will be undone in the near future. As it seems now, and now that Adobe teamed up with 19 of the 20 top mobile device producers in the world, it feels as if there is another front forming, trying to tell this company in Cupertino to walk in line again.

This has nothing to do with setting up the boundaries of your own devices. It has nothing to do with what they are or are not allowed to do. People’s careers are at stake here, incomes for families, while Apple kicks out apps from their app-store simply because they want to. Most developers creating flimsy productions would not care too much, but the couple that put a lot of time and money in it, actually will lose, and will lose dearly.

Somewhere in the last few years, Apple decided to play God. And with a whole bunch of loyal followers it actually starts to feel like a religion within IT.

The thing that I am a bit afraid of is that this ‘war’ that is going on will end up with us being the loser in any way. Don’t get me wrong while reading the above semi-rant; Apple brings something to the table that I try to fight for with my clients for a long, long time; introducing a user experience. And they slapped people in the faces with interfaces, making the world aware. But somewhere along the line it went wrong.

Let me be quite clear here, apple is not an inventor, but more innovative. They take something that is already there, polish it up like pimp-my-ride and create something amazing. Something that a lot of corporations should start doing.

But if this scenario of the world against Apple would run it’s course, it would go wrong too. Because at this moment, Apple is one of the only familiar innovative players around. Taking that out of the line-up would get us to a more steady, but more dull market. So I like Apple in that role, it would only be so much better if they would play nice. Because, let’s not forget, Apple is not a big player out there; Google, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, HTC for example are around too, taking sides now with Adobe, that has been bullied by Apple. You know the rules of the playground…


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