Apple’s High-and-Mighty anti-Flash lobby

I’d like to take a couple of minutes a day to read through the latest IT-news. I think it always helps to read what is going on so you can prepare for some things. And usually nothing really strange is going on besides the Open Source – Closed Source cat-fights, Unix, Apple-OS and Windows mud throwing or the gazillions of self-published press-releases from tiny companies declaring they are revolutionizing the world with products we will never here of again.

Now, I like a dirty fight just like the next guy, but I really cannot figure out what Apple is trying to do with picking Adobe for a fight.

I have written about this subject before, but Apple tries to throw more fuel on the fire, every single time, now even mentioning Flash is not good for anything, nothing short of calling it an evil technology. The wonderful thing mostly is that Apple claims that 90% of all the Apple crashes have to do with Flash. Now, isn’t that nice. Because with Windows, Microsoft has been working for years and years to get rid of the Blue-Screen of Death crashes by making a more solid Operating System. Is Apple really saying here they cannot do that job? Aren’t they up for the task?

Sorry, but for me that accusation would mean for me as an IT person to immediately abandon all hope, if Apple cannot sandbox their OS in a way that a crash from third-party software is causing the whole OS to crash. That was fine from 95-2002, but don’t come on with that BS right now in 2010. Even the free Ubuntu, Linux, Unix, Redhat know how to sandbox the applications. Firefox does it for sites, IE even… but Apple cannot do it?

Now, the accusation of Flash being a power-hog. True. It is. Compared to stills that is. Have you ever try to play a game on an iPhone or iPod Touch and see how much battery-time you have? On my new iPod Touch (3rd gen – 32Gb) I can manage a tight 2 hours playing the game of LIFE, or CLUE before it dies out. I cannot even manage that with flash! So they allow you to play power-hog games, but will not allow Flash.

I still think it is pretty weird and unwanted for a computer manufacturer to build an web browser that claims to be compatible, and does not allow implementation of plug-ins. To be honest, it sounds more like or they do not know how to do it for a mobile platform, or they simply do not want to look bad because users cannot change their own batteries and people might get pretty ticked-off about it.

Because, no matter what kind of BS Apple throws into the world about technological instabilities; then why the heck do they still support Java and JavaScript???? So, that kite really doesn’t fly.

I love my little iPod Touch, it works amazing. So it is not that I do not like the devices. Heck no, it is smooth and works wonderful. It was perfect to give to my daughter of 5 when we were on vacation that she could watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. So, nothing but compliments to these devices they make. But then, do not pretend you are God, and you can act all high-and-mighty. Apple had been great once before, and they crashed so very hard and were nearly bankrupt until the iMac was launched as a last resort. And let me remind you again, the iMac and the iPod were two inventions Steve Jobs had nothing to do with since he did not work at Apple at that time anymore.

For creatives, there are only two real companies out there; Adobe and AutoDesk. They simply control anything graphical. Of course there are others that are very influential; Renderman (Pixar) and Avid of course, but no professional tools are so widely used in the graphic industry as Adobe and AutoDesk tools. Flash is at this moment technically the most advanced vector-graphics animation and interactivity engine out there, with Silverlight as a close second. There is none else. So for Apple to discard the graphic work-force? That is weird; since it is always said that people in the graphic industry should use Apple’s. Well, I guess that will be changing now.

If I were Adobe, I actually would do nothing but continuing the course that is being run right now. Flash is so widely popular right now it catches negative attention, just like Windows, just like IE. And one day, also Flash will run it’s course and will be replaced by something else. But I do not think Apple will have anything to do with it. It will be the normal evolution of software.


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