Cold Feet in the Social Network

I have to move to social networking. I know it is good to build up an audience and network for marketing, but also for basic work, learning, and just for passing the time. I do think it is a bit weird though that the platform that is actually in real life the least social, is humongous on social networking. I mean, I work day in day out behind a machine; it may be a desktop, or a laptop or even my mobile phone. When I am doing that, I am anything but social for the people around me.

And, I grew up with IT and my social aspect of IT that I still prefer is email. But now I have to migrate to using Twitter, Facebook, and honestly, although my platform that I developed for my own company absolutely embraces those systems, knowing how a social network works and being social are two different things. Tell me what you want to have designed and built and I’ll squeeze out thousands of lines of coding and bits and bytes, but I still have problems filling the 140 characters of a tweet. I know, I can be a dork from time to time.

So, well, there I go, inviting everyone that reads this to join up, follow me if you want to on Twitter at . Let’s get social 😉

Yes, I have been and am still a bit skeptic. Seeing people with 10,000 friends on myspace, and then thinking about how that could mean anything. But then, I do notice it is not the social network that I feel a bit uncomfortable about still, but more on a undirected one. At my profile on ModelMayhem (, a social networking site for photographers, models and stylists, I actually feel very comfortable, because it is about one subject and when I just checked my LinkedIn account ( ) and see that I actually am building up a nice network. So maybe it is just the cold feet…

So, let’s see if I can get as savvy in these networks as I can get with Photoshop, Flash, .Net, SQL etc. And since this is all about social networks, lets advertise myself a little bit; contact me on any of those networks, or leave a comment here. It will absolutely be appreciated!

Tomorrow more complaining about the IT world.


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