Come on Apple, show me a little skin!

Apple is cleaning their app store. Anything that shows too much skin even, even if it is not sexual at all, is going to be removed from the app-store or is already removed. It is not allowed to connect the Apple brand to anything erotic. or even sexy. In my sense that is a bit weird for a company that produces ‘sexy’ products.

What worries me about this is that what Apple does now is to control as much as possible what you are using on your phone or in the future iPad. And we are not talking about taking off all kinds of sex or pornography, but everything that could even show too much skin. No more bikini’s. Nothing. Of course, technically, it is Apple’s platform and they are allowed to do whatever they want with it, or are they? Because one of the things is that Apple sells a media device, if it is the iPhone, iPod or iPad. Of course, they still leave a lot of space open to get all kinds of arousing media on the device; Apple is wise enough not to block that. But what bothers me is the image that Apple wants to put in the world about themselves. They tell you in a way that they do not want you to have erotic stuff on their device. They do allow you to put it on yourself, but they do not approve of it.

It is like buying a DVD-player with a message from like Samsung or Sony that they do not condone it if you play any stimulating dvd on it. And I remind you, it is not about pornography, they would not even allow for example photos from Maxim which, especially if you are from the Netherlands like I am, are usually less provocative than anything.

If you read back a few postings about my findings on the iPad, you might have seen that although I criticize it, I might think about buying one. But right now, if this is the direction Apple is going into, I would politely pass. I don’t want a commercial company that charges people exorbitant amounts of money to tell me what I can or cannot do with the device. As far as I know, once I buy a thing, it is mine. I don’t even want this pointy finger pointed at me the moment I upload a photo of a rather non-dressed woman on it with the message ‘We don’t like that’.

Because, and maybe I am alone in this, in my opinion being an immense company charging millions of dollars for everything that your customers do, even on to changing the battery in the devices, is far more obscene then the most explicit pornographic picture.

I am sorry Apple, but cancel my order of the iPad.


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