Faster Hardware == Buggy and Slow Software???

One of the things that often strikes me is one simple statement: the faster the hardware gets, the more buggy the software becomes.

It is of course not a law, but there is some truth in this. With the coming of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software and development tools, ‘development’ came in the grasp of many people. Before that, usually only the really code-saffy people would dare to thread into to areas of coding and compiling. Now, everyone can fire up a development tool and see how far they can get with dragging and dropping.

The problem is then that there is this compiler network and platform usually running this, if it is .Net or Flash or anything else, it needs some framework that is able to handle everything; and this is what is slowing the software down so much.

Before we worked and developed into frameworks, we just had the code and the compiler making the file into an executable. Done. No networks to be loaded up. But now, frameworks need to be preloaded, and take a massive bite out of memory and cpu-usage.

The lack of a framework has other advantages too, it requires a programmer to really work on his code. It is a lot harder to program outside of a framework platform, but as said, it has it’s advantages.

The strange thing is with this statement, I actually seem to favor what Steve Jobs is saying about Flash. The iPod/iPhone/iPad do not support these frameworks; not .Net, not Flash. They do not allow C# or ActionScript to be used as a development language, but languages they can immediately run into a compiler.

This is also why if you compare an iPhone with a Windows Mobile phone, things work so much smoother.

I remember the original Need for Speed game, that I played with my friend on my 486DX-2 66Mhz. And even that was not my first computer, but this one, with this game, was the first that delivered me in the introduction a full-screen video that had more than acceptable performance, especially for that time. This was in 1994. It took, after that, at least until 2000 that, without an MPEG card, you were able to meet the same quality of video on your monitor in full-screen.

So, everything got easier to make after the introduction of frameworks, but also slower. Especially on PC’s after people started using Windows, there was another layer between the program and the hardware that slowed everything down. So there was more and more demand for faster software and hardware.

But now that it is easier to start programming, there are more people programming. And believe me, that many are not on the level even close to what the programmers were in the past. And certificates are easier and easier to come by because nowadays the amount of correct answered questions is around the 60% to get your certificate. That means that a programmer or developer is allowed to answer 4 in every 10 questions wrong and is still passing the test. That is 40%!!!

It is really worrisome to see how the quality of coding and development is dropping. Absolutely not by everyone, there are amazing developers out there that can do pure magic. But they understand fully what they are doing, why and how. But at least 80% is not. And you can see that by the amount of errors, crashes an problems you encounter by visiting a website.

So, yes, I absolutely understand why Apple wants to refuse Flash, but as I have pointed out in previous postings, if you mention to be an gateway to the internet, you have to be able to show the internet how it is, including all the goods, but also all the bad.

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