Hmmm… a well executed project, what a bummer!

I am actually a bit surprised today. It is Monday, the 9th of August, and everything is relaxed. Now, this is surprising because last Friday and today we are launching a major advertising campaign, and for it a bunch of our sites and sites of a major worldwide media enterprise has to be changed, and from tonight commercials will be aired in 17 major cities in the countries.

And actually, everything goes fine. Nobody breaks a sweat. Finally, after 15 years of working in IT with larger and smaller teams in web development and with numerous big launches and updates behind me, there was always this crunch-time. To be honest, I actually like that. The stress building up, it makes you push a little bit further, make things that usually happen in one day, take only an hour and still be good. And then, after the launch, there is this enormous relief, this euphoric feeling. Really like creating a real accomplishment.

And it is not there. Not the stress, not the euphoric feeling either. Actually, it feels like just another Monday, what usually is not considered to be overall ‘good’. Anyway. When I look back at this major upgrade, it is actually well organized, even after we only heard about this deadline 3 days before it was due. The planning went fine, my team did their work on time and even the client was immediately available. So, in many cases, it went as it should.

But let’s be honest. How many of you out there handling IT project management, have ever seen a major development process happen as planned, and that even the two setbacks that we had were covered in the 20% pre-calculated time?

I am actually disappointed in the lack of ‘accomplishment’ feeling. That is actually too bad, that being good at something (and I mean credit to my whole team and the client’s) is actually boring.


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