How to drain the batteries of my iPod faster than Flash in an Apple certified way

As everyone has noticed, I try to defend Flash here in this anti-flash movement that is going on. And more and more companies like to chime in, also Microsoft who recently stated that flash was a risk factor. Sure, the system is not 100% foolproof, but don’t get me started on crashing iPods that you have to reboot with a secret action (on/off, press the button and the top part of the click wheel and it will reboot). Or Silverlight, which is the same problem.

But let’s go back, back up a little bit. A little bit more. Yes, there. There is Steve Jobs telling the people he does not want Flash on their products because they drain the batteries too much. Now, I love my iPod Touch, and it is my third iPod I own and although I do not think the overall interaction is as well designed as the click-wheel, I love the overall possibilities of the product. And I have bought some apps, under which the amazing game Dungeon Hunter from Gameloft. It gets a 9.0 score on GameSpot, and rightfully so. I can play this game for about an hour on my new iPod Touch (3rd gen) before its battery is depleted.

I cannot even be persuaded to believe that most of all the flash based websites do use that much energy which are simply allowed on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. And then I am not even talking about other fine games from Electronic Arts like Life and Clue.

So please, before having your opinion ready, let’s face it this whole Flash blockade has nothing to do with energy savings, because Apple would then block these games too. It simply still has to do that in some way Apple still has no solid way of running Flash content on any of their devices or computers. And although you can blame Adobe for this, keep in mind Apple did not allow Adobe to create a flash played for the Apple platform, but that Apple wanted to do this themselves. Yes, the apple Flash player is not from Adobe, it is actually a Apple product.

So where is the problem actually?

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