Humbug! Scrooge in Web 2.0

Ah, nothing as nice as a good Christmas carol around this time of the year. Even I get giddy around this time, cannot help it. Now, with working in the IT around this time of year, and spending enough time on line for work and entertainment, one can raise the question; how would Ebenezer Scrooge respond if he were alive today? Would he have a twitter account screaming “HUMBUG” all the time. Or “TWEET: Just had a visit of the ghost from Christmas past. What a bummer.”

Maybe he would go on his Facebook page or MySpace page and reject ever friend request he would get. The only person with 0 friends in his account. Nice. His StumbleUpon favorites are the sites from Chase and Bank Of America.

We are talking about a social network, or ‘Web 2.0’ (which is a stupid name of course, since it runs still on the original web, which has no version number because it never has been officially produced by a party and is a combination of different techniques). Anyway, I am not a social network person. So, Humbug to you! Still, here I am writing on my blog which, well, qualifies as being a part of the social web. I am social, in real life, but I don’t know really how to be social in an area where I don’t know the people I am talking too. Not all of you who are reading this will be people I know personally. It might happen in the future, but how can it be a social happening if this is more a monologue instead of a conversation?

Now, this time, let me stay on track, because I have a point here. Really, I do! And that is the following; I know a lot about on line productions, setting them up, building the architecture, running and composing teams and leading them through the production process and make the client happy. But now I have to launch a site. In the ‘old’ days, marketing of a site was not that difficult. If it was a niche-market or for the IT-savvy’s you could just post in newsgroups and you would always collect a number of visitors, who got the word-of-mouth marketing going on. That was not that difficult because there were no gazillion sites trying to do the same thing.

Marketing is getting people interested in a product, and a huge part of it is appealing to the potential customer. Which again means that the battle of the potential customer is fought on the customer’s soil. And a lot of them nowadays are, there you go, in the social media environments. So this ‘Scrooge’ is now wandering the the Lion’s Den. Here is where my skill absolutely is useless and I feel ‘naked’. I can tell you anything about how social networks work, how to manage them, maintain them. How migrations of users take place. Lecturing about that is easy. But that is from a viewers point of view, not a players’. Just like the soccer-dads screaming from the sideline every Saturday morning.

So. Please. Wish me well… maybe the Ghost of Christmas Future will tell me if I know what I am doing here. Brrrr.


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