Implied Nudity (Yes, this is an IT blog)

As I was handling work in our photography studio, a small business I also own, I came across a couple of new requests of models who would like to have us taking pictures for their portfolio. Usually we like these kinds of shoots, because it is a cheap and fun way to learn to know new people we might end up to build a working relationship with. So when we were working through the lists of requests and saw the test photos the models had sent in, there was this one photo that caught my attention. It was a nude photo, with the subject description ‘implied nude’. And I was looking at it again, but sorry, there was nothing implied about this nudity.

With a model, it is clear. For example, this model was also mentioning being inexperienced and she asked for a portfolio shoot to build up her portfolio. So she made clear she was new and wanted to learn and advance. It is fine then to see such a woman mentioning something in the incorrect way. Now. IT. Somehow in the IT you are never allowed to mention that you are new, inexperienced and that you do not know all. Consultancy firms try to avoid mentioning that 50% of the people on the job in your company or on your project are apprentices. A small time start-up will always talk about how good they are and that they have so many clients but they do not dare to say they just started and have to learn so much.

Hey, even take a look at my own site for my company, , it has quite a collection of projects in there. But when you read closely, I mention that the projects mostly were not done with my company, but with me, sometimes under the license of other companies. I may not be new, and working in design, usability and technical design for almost 15 years, my own company is new and trying to make a name for itself there now. I admit that sometimes that is scary too. Because as many of you can agree to, running a company is more than doing your thing, it is financing, marketing, balancing all kinds of aspects and legal information.  When I deal with companies, I also mention this. I want people to know what they get; a lot of expertise and experience, but someone who is still an apprentice in running a business. Here. I dare to say it, I do not know everything!

A good friend of mine, a wonderful designer residing in the Netherlands, feels very comfortable with tools like Jumla. Mostly because he just wants to design, that is his expertise. He doesn’t care about the technical part, and Jumla is one of the available platforms allowing him to work that way. I am ultimately weary of using these kind of platforms, and the reason I developed my own the last 4 years, is because I want to be sure to have a platform I can 100% support, without having to tell my clients that the platform is changed, or not supported anymore. And also, that I was able to deliver a technology that if my company ceases to exist, they can easily maintain and develop on their productions without the company around. Something I cannot do working on another platform. Yes, I know what I am doing in that area. We might not share the same opinions in technologies, but we all have our own experiences and expertises. Yours might be different than mine. As long as you also know what the positives and negatives are, and don’t be afraid to know them.

A client I work with is very afraid of being unmasked as unknown with the IT market, a market he is in. Not only that, he also by his actions shows that he is not known with the market he tries to serve with his IT. A recipe for disaster. But his defense is throwing up a barrier of information why he knows so much about it, and he will try to convince his clients. And the problem is, clients hire him because they know less about it, so they have no reference. This is a practice I do absolutely not condone. I know this is a market where people want to get as much money as possible out of clients, but this is not the way. His concept is excellent, and if he would only sell that, and all the other information as a way of deployment, instead of selling it as the truth, he would be so much more reliable, also for his clients.

Personally I don’t believe the person who tells me how he/she knows everything about IT, that he knows exactly what is good, bad etc. There is not such a person. Steve Jobs has no clue, he has a vision and his area of expertise, just like Steve Ballmer. Bill Gates did not know exactly what caused the blue-screen during the Windows2000 (was it 2000, or XP?) presentation. And he did not care even, it should not have happened. He has the right people who has that information for him, so Bill could keep himself busy with his vision.

So, if we ever would work together in the future. Keep in mind that you hire my expertise in technical realization based on creative work. I think I am an Okay designer, a good developer, and a person with a certain vision that is gladly supported by many large companies that work with me as their partner. But, yes, there are better designers, there are better developers and there are people with another vision. And I like to work with others because of that, because I can make my expertise and products than so much stronger by knowing where I am not the best, and knowing what people to hire to strengthen my products for you as a client. That’s my expertise. But I am still a mediocre business man, I am still growing in that area. So bear with me with that 🙂

Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to work with people who also dared to say that they were not perfect? So that you know what you are getting into? I am going to write that model a message, that we would like to work with her. I don’t care if she knows right now what implied nude means, as long as she can pose like a model… isn’t that what we are looking for?


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