Internet as birth-control????

We lost power. Nothing special actually, I am amazed it only happened just once since we moved into the Bucks County in Pennsylvania. But the blizzard of last week, so nicely nick-named Snowmageddon II, really hit our little town hard. And at wednesday, 9pm, our electricity provider was not able to deliver the required electricity anymore and all went dark.

Now, what I still know from earlier days is that this kind of happening always showed a small baby-boom about a 9 months later. Nice, hey, you have to keep each other warm when the power goes down, isn’t it? And you cannot shovel snow all the time.

But, these days we do not have to wait 9 months for seeing results anymore. Because when I glanced at our own reporting tools from our websites on Friday, it showed that people must have been to busy surfing around instead of sharing the love between the sheets. I am a bit puzzled though… even in our region, where more then 150,000 people were out of power, the visits on our websites sky-rocketed. Mostly from mobile devices. Typical. Will it then become official? People prefer surfing on the internet than having sex? I actually read in an earlier research that this is indeed true. In a research I thought issued by Trojan, they also asked that if we all would have another hour in the day, what would be rather spend it on… the majority answered being online or reading a book, instead of having sex.

Even that I can somewhat understand, most people do not need an hour for sex. But if you are without any power, no means to recharge your cell phone, no lights to read a book by… still people go online, they still prefer that. People still amaze me.


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