Internet Everywhere! Wooohooo!

Woohoo! I have Internet in my car. Well, actually simply by carrying around a MiFi (a mobile Wi-Fi device using 3G) I turn my personal being in a Wi-Fi element. Nice, with all the to-be-proven-in-the-future radiation and everything that comes with it that I do not want to know.

Am I happy now? Well, sort of. I got this little device because my wife needs to be on the road much for her store, and I like to accompany her. But with my work hooked to the computer, it made that quite impossible. So, last Friday we actually gave it a try, driving from Philadelphia to Merrimac, New Hampshire, for about five and a half hours.

I love driving. It relaxes me, even when I end up in a traffic jam, it will not really get to me. I don’t like standing still, but it has no use making a fuss about it. I can drive behind a 145 year old driver in an SUV who has got his accelerator jammed at 20mph without flashing my lights or honking the horn. My wife lives a bit of other ritual, let’s say, a bit more vocal. That is why I actually enjoy driving behind the wheel, or with my wife at the wheel, because it is always entertaining to me.

But now there is MiFi. Internet everywhere. I was actually working! Laptop, iPod and my mobile phone hooked up through Wi-Fi. I actually see that I can use Skype very well over my iPhone now everywhere I have a 3G connection, eliminating my need of a separate phone. All nice and well. But…

…I was working. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like work, and I work a lot. My 8 hours a day at the company, then an unlimited number of hours at my own company and photo studio. Enough work. And now I actually made the car into an office too. Maybe that is not such a good idea.

This trip to New Hampshire, I did not really notice my wife’s commentary on the other users of the road. And I arrived suddenly in Connecticut, then Massachusetts and finally, New Hampshire without even realizing it.

You know what? I might have enough on-line time already without that. Although, it makes it easy to be in a car while you should be working. I mean, being at the beach at 5.01pm , and not a minute later 😉 Hell, be at the beach at 3pm, just don’t let anybody know 🙂


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