Let’s throw some rotten tomatoes

I just finished one of my early-morning rituals which is reading the articles and the comments on a Dutch it news site www.webwereld.nl. Why I love that site as a grumpy guy is that I feel amidst other ever-grumpy people online who just want to rant about anything. If there is an article about Apple, Microsoft, Java, Flash… the armies are arming up, and going to war in the comments section. So while I am enjoying my sorry substitute for coffee (tea) and deciding not yet making me active for work, I read the grammatical version of throwing mud.

Today it was because Adobe now said in an interview that they do not worry too much about the Apple online devices because they count only 70 million in a 2 billion pieces smart-phone industry. Which is about 3.5%. True, when I create websites I go for a 94% compatibility, the other 6% are not worth the time or effort. Financially, that is a sound decision, but logically not, because I can guarantee you that those 6% will be your loyal visitors. Adobe lend the code for the flash player to Apple, but Apple refused it. I have already written about my opinion of this in my previous posting ‘Shut Up Steve!’.

As I have told, I love the Adobe products, but will not defend them to the bone. The reason why? The people who like to fight me over my own opinion, are not the ones I want to go into discussion with anyway. And the people who share my opinion, I do not have to tell why I have mine. And the people who are or want to form a decision, I think they should do it on their own.

I work with this .Net programmer, who has more passion with Silverlight, because it integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio and the .Net platform. That is a solid excuse. He is no designer, and prefers the tool that is closest to his playing field. I like both Flash and Silverlight, because they are both tools to bridle my creativity and what I want to do with a site. In 5 years there might be something completely new, and Flash, Silverlight, Ajax etc. might have been extinct by then, and at that moment I will love the tool that allows me to do what I want to do.

But somehow, people like to tell me that I am nuts, that I should use other tools. Why? Earl Miller, on of the top nude photographers in the world, had noted one time that most of his successful shoots for the magazines were done with a Samsung 1080 compact camera. No SLR, no professional equipment. He created amazing photography with a low-cost solution. That was his tool for his art. It is not the tools that are being used, but how they are used to create the end result that is important.

So, while I will go to the next article on that website and grin a little bit more in the rotten-tomatoes-fight that is going on, I will refrain myself for expressing my opinion over there. Because, well, I will be told I am wrong. And to be honest, I hear that at home more than enough already.

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