My New 9″ Tent Stakes

I have already claimed quite some of your precious time last week complaining about Christmas decorations, from wich by the way half of it fell from our front porch again during our last winter storm. Nice. And I complained about our Reindeer. Rudolph keeps blowing away. You can admit that that is part of the original Christmas spirit of course, Rudolph is a flying reindeer and ours does a perfect job at that. The only difference with the real Rudolph is that he glides gracefully through the sky, and ours tumbles gracelessly off our little hill, with 100 blinking lights, twisting it’s neck and laying there with four paws right in the air. Nice.

So, aha! Take this Rudolph! I have got here my 9″ Tent Stakes and not the louzy no-excuse-toothpicks that we recieved with the thing worth $80.

Still, I feel a little bit bad about this. When my CEO tells me to ‘just get it workin’ when I face an absolute problem with a program I have made, I explain to him that it doesn’t work that way. You cannot just fix things the easy way, because later on it absolutely bites you in the ass. I rather do it good, so that the fix is a very good part of the program. Not just a patch job.

So, here I am, with my 9″ tent stakes… feeling a bit weird. The stakes; a patch, Rudolph; the failing program. Hmmmm… okay CEO, I’ll give you this one! Rudolph… BRACE YOURSELF!!!!!


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