Please, spare me. I am dumbed out.

It is Monday morning, raining and windy. It is just about 8.30am and already I am completely numb… I came in today completely rejuvenated from the weekend, but now, only 2 and a half hours later, it is gone. Drained. I am depleted. I had to listen to marketing talk.

Now, there are some amazing marketeers out there. Good marketing should be a delight, and some people really know how to make a (pleasurable) art of selling stuff. But, just like in any other area of expertise, 80%+ thinks they are great, but simply are not. With marketing it is rather easy to spot, just like with design; because they are not selling, or nobody is buying it.

I myself am horrible in any kind of marketing. I can do the design for it, get projects running etc, but I am horrible in getting people to listen to me, let alone buy from me. That is why I am not a marketeer. But listening to people telling things that are so obviously impossible and not true is a draaaaaaaaag!

One of my favorite pastimes during meetings, especially with marketeers for me was BS-bingo. You know, everyone who plays (and is in the meeting) writes up some words, catch phrases and sentences that they expect that will be said during the meeting. If it is, then you can scratch that one off the list. The first one who scratched all the phrases of the list says ‘Bullshit!’ and wins the game.

The marketing talk this morning was about how this tiny company that has no revenue, no clients, nothing is a major player in the ranks of Google and Microsoft. Really! That remark had me awake again. Is that company valued the same way as they do? Wow. With their 1,000 visitors on the site each week (of which most are their own visits by the way), average sales a month of about $6 and no advertisement sales… how can they be that high (or maybe ‘high’ is the correct word here) ?

Why can’t someone say anymore that they are just a small company, with some problems now but hoping to grow, which is not only true, but the only way how to respect a start-up company. But somehow that is not ‘selling’ enough. Dumb, dumb, dumb… but, ah well, there is nothing like a good game of BSB; I call ‘4G, Apple Tablet, Emerging markets, and ‘The Tide is coming in!’ 🙂

Cheers. It is 8.44am now and I need a drink…


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