Profession Microsoft Bashing Taken to New Altitudes

I think yesterday has been quite an interesting day for people who want to keep up with IT-news. I try to at least read up with the news every day so that I know what is going on, what are new developments, and security threats. And sometimes it also just changes my opinions about things, and sometimes it is pure entertainment.

So, recently there had been the result of a report that Windows 7 machines used more memory than Vista, and XP. I usually do not really put too much weight in that kind of reporting, because when I work with a system, it is all about my experience. I have a very decent Quad-core, 4Gb, 2Gb Video system and a Centrino2, 6Gb laptop. Both performing very fine, and that is what matters to me. I do not need someone else to tell me what is good or not. Even if it would be true, as long as I can work fast with a lot of my programs open, you won’t hear me complain.

But this article caught some interest, because it simply did not make a lot of sense. Now we are about a week further, and that article has opened a can of worms for the publishing party; XPnet, in what it now seems that the CTO actually was a editor for InfoWorld working under an alias, and him being the only person in that company. A massive, but really excellent article about this can be found on at;col1

The reason why this actually interests me so much is to see how much damage one single person can do. I am often wondering what are good strategies to attract attention for a product online, get visitors or readers. Hey, at this moment I am already happy with the amount of visitors I get on this blog, but this guy simply made it into an art, being able to publish his alter ego with the largest IT-networks in the world.

It is amazing to me that one person not only was able to create such a commotion online, but also that that person seemed to have Windows/Microsoft bashing high on his agenda. Why? Literally, it beats me. But it clearly shows that even the usually boring IT-world can have it’s scandals. WOOOHOOO! It is almost like real life 🙂

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