Shut up Steve!


So, Flash is somehow the bad guy right now. I don’t know where it came from (or actually I do) but somehow everyone points to Adobe Flash as being a problem child, and it is not good. This started again when Steve Jobs announced that the iPad would not support Flash and in later statements in the Town Hall meeting, he claimed Adobe to be lazy for not working on the technology to make it work on their computers.

I work with Flash since version 2, that we had in the office. It hardly could do anything but move shapes. There was no interaction, it was just animation.

When you are a real professional designer or photographer or videographer there are simply two companies you have to and want to deal with; Autodesk and Adobe. Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Flash, After Effect, Premiere, Combustion, Smoke… I just name a couple of them. Of course there are other tools around that are good too, but these tools are a massive support to the creative industry and greatly appreciated. If Photoshop would not be on my computer, I feel naked. This tool is so good in photo manipulation, that there is no way around it.

Now, what makes these two companies and tools so important is mostly one thing; these tools are so made and matched for creative use that creative professionals can work with them in their sleep. It took many versions to get there, but they are there. Just like that Word is simply a very good word processor, and Excel is the spreadsheet tool. Yes, there are alternatives, but their massive user base is not only because of good marketing. No matter if you like any of these tools, you cannot avoid the fact that the software is really, really good. There is always room for improvement, but personally, I rather pay my $1200 for Photoshop and $600 for Office then the free alternatives.

But, Flash is now in the corsairs. Steve Jobs says the iPad and iPhone run better without it. Hmmmm. Weird that the Google Nexus one and my own Samsung Omnia have no problem with it. Even with running flash websites I still get two full days of use out of my phone. So, why can’t Apple do what the others can? Has it something to do with the fact that Flash on Apple machines is unstable too? Is it more so that Apple just dislikes Flash because they can’t get it to work perfectly?

Yes, I know I sound irritated, and I am. Apple, HP, Dell, Sun… they are hardware companies. Software is in their business because they need to get it to work with the hardware. But an Operating System is hardly a tool. It is like a dashboard in your car; your interface with the computer. But the only reason why you have a computer is to use software. That is the main reason. Why buy a killer machine if you don’t want to run Mass Effect 2 on it in its highest detail? Or have a Quad Core 64-bit and not run CS4 or 3DS Max r9+ with multi-threading.

Apple has to shut up. So I said it. They build a device that is internet capable, then make sure it is compatible to what is widely used online. Otherwise, for me, it is a bad loser in the game that will call everyone a cheater that don’t let them win. If you don’t want to play by the rules, then get out of the game.

As I told before, I love a lot of things that Apple does, but this Adobe bashing is just childish behavior. Steve, act like a grown-up please! Flash is still unbeatable for delivering (streaming) multimedia to the people. Silverlight a distant second, which has the positive (and negative) of being totally incorporated with .Net (it is negative because of that is scares a lot of creatives away). Even HTML 5 cannot come close, because the only multimedia thing it offers is actually basic video playback. But it is not a creative environment. And it should not. HTML 5 is still a markup language, needed for any kind of embedded object.

True, there have been leaks in the Flash player, but if Apple dares to say anything about that, I will send them the list of problems their iTunes and Quicktime causes on computers I use on a daily basis. No software is perfect, and as soon as bugs or problems are found, they need to be fixed. True, Adobe is not up to speed with Microsoft with that, but they do a fair job, better then 95% of all the other critically acclaimed internet companies.

So with this posting, a bit more defensive as normal, I would like to give my openly support to Flash and will try to push Apple a bit back into the background. Let them worry with the iPad right now so that can be launched correctly. But for them to ignore Flash is like that I now go stand on the street and claim that it should not snow, while it comes with loads out of the sky. Who do you think is right?

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