Software Patents in the US; Why they have such a reach beyond our borders?

The American software patenting system is still one that is not praised in other countries. Even though every country can decide if they want to have patents on their systems or not, the American software patent system has quite some influences. The reason for that is it’s reach. The reach of the American software patent system reaches all over the world. And although you can decide to not build a product for the American market, that is ignoring the most IT-oriented giant country and market in the world to simply bypass it. And if the technology is not supported by American IT companies, that means that Google, Apple. IBM and Microsoft will not support your system or device, closing up 99,9% of the whole global computer market.

This is why, like it or hate it, patents are here. And since there is still a lot of money made through patents, and it safeguards inventors initially, it is here to stay. It is like DRM on software technologies; not pleasant, but if you want to use someone else’s idea, you have to pay a fee, which actually is nothing more than normal and reasonable.

The only thing I absolutely agree with is that patents should not be a market. It is an idea you are safeguarding for the reason to have a time frame of 5 years to build out a concept or technology to put it on the market without worrying about competition. It is not just to get the idea, file it and wait until someone uses it and then sue. The law doesn’t forbid it, so until that is changed, we just have to deal with it.

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