Time for business, let’s talk about sex shall we?

Let’s talk about sex shall we? Nice, during work hours, let our minds wander in the world of quality erotica. Hey! I am talking about businesshere, not about erotica itself! Tsssss. How dare you! What kind of person do you think I am?

I meant, let’s talk about the businessside of erotica and online productions. It is often an overlooked area of expertise not because we do not know about the branch, but we all like to uphold the idea to others that we have no clue that world even exists.

That is too bad, because we can learn a lotif you look at the world of online erotica, the business that goes behind it and the successes and failures. Two major misconceptions are that sex sells, and that sex is an easy way to make money.

Statement 1: Sex Sells; it is all how you look at it. Sex actually does not sell so well as you might think. It is a huge market, but there are just a couple of companies that can keep their heads above the water. But since it is so easy to produce, there are a lot of production companies. But just like with any market, there are more losers than winners, far more losers. And especially since there is so much to find freely on the internet, the amounts of money spent on sexual productions has dropped tremendously.

On the other hand, ‘Sex’ sells is actually true (notice the qoutes?). Adding a bit of ‘spice’ to a marketing strategy for any kind of product absolutely will attract more attention than a competitive product. Why do you think the car industry loves to drape sexy clothed women over their cars on many of the car conventions and shows? Let’s be honest, when you think ‘Hyundai’ you don’t really get aroused (do you?). And with ‘sex’ I don’t mean going all naked and hardcore, but just a slight of sexiness, just enough to catch attention, but not enough to hurt your brand. A misbalancing of this might be catastrophic for your brand.

Statement 2: Sex is an easy way to make money. Not really. It might be easy to produce, but there are not a lot of people getting really rich with it. Not more or less than in any other market. Because keep in mind, you still need marketing to get your products noticed. And since there is so much ‘free’ content to find on the internet, it is practically impossible to write a competitive business plan for it that actually will result in making money in a couple of years. Sure, there are the success stories, but not so much, and the failure rate is much higher and carrier much more risk than in any other market.

When you fail in the erotic industry, chances are that it will haunt you still. When you would apply for a normal job after your venture, online searches might link you to your failed erotica adventure earlier on. And for a lot of companies, hypocritical or not, that is a big “NO”.

What we can learn from it though, is to look at successes. Like mentioned, this is a market that is swamped with free products, many, many, many competitors and with search engines like Google, it is easy to go from one to another ‘brand’. Clients are not as loyal to a brand as you might think. But on the other hand, it is a market we can learn a lot from; how to survive as a company, how to find weaknesses with your competitors (because, well, much content is free, so you can easily investigate, and how to be original. All the mainstream rules apply also on the erotica world.

It might not be such a weird thing to for once not to pretend to be someone you are not, and look into this when you try to find ways to put your product in your ‘normal’ online market. There are tons of information and learning lessons to be learned here – mostly for free and with an educational value that you will not get anywhere else.


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