Travelling Light

I was yesterday packing for a trip to the Netherlands that I have planned. And actually, for the first time since long, I found myself with room to spare in my suitcase.

And that usually is a red flag. It usually means I am forgetting something. Something crucial. But I ran through my stuff again and again, more than enough clothes, my suit, two coats. Everything is there. My trolley, even while containing my camera and Stephen King’s Under The Dome, which takes up quite some volume as hardcover, left me with enough room to spare.

But actually it makes a lot of sense. When I look in front of me now there are two devices, about the size of sliced cheese: my phone and my Mp3 player. They actually do exactly the same, only one is Windows Mobile, the other one is and Apple. But no matter what, I actually am carrying two full entertainment centers with me. That, combined with my laptop gives me everything I need at my fingertips during my trip. It actually results in that I have enough with me to enjoy the time I am not knowing what to do with my time while I am having a vacation.

But when is too much too much? I mean, for a client I am working on a heavily overloaded website that we were managed to launch. It has so much built into it, many of the things are not visible or accessible yet, but even the description of the site is not a simple answer; it is a rewards site, a news site, a social network site etc. Nothing new, but it has an overload of features built in. Actually, too much. It confuses people. But, the client wants it and insisted on it, so it happened.

But now that MP3 players and phones have become actually the same thing, including camera’s, it is a very good swiss-army knife of a product. It does not excel in any of its possibilities; not the ease of a normal phone, not the image quality of you television, no surround sound, no fully immersed game console, no keyboard, no perfect web browsing experience, but a good pocket alternative for each feature. And that is good enough for me, at least for on a vacation. You don’t want to be hooked to the thing anyway. But during an 8 hour flight…or a 3 hour drive as a Princess-and-the-Frog movie player for my 5-year old daughter… ah… it is a life-saver.


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