What is my beef with Case Bank?

So, what is actually my beef with Chase Bank in my last two posts? As I explained, it is not really about money, but something much more important. Chase Bank closed an account of mine yesterday without ane satisfying explanation. And it is exactly that what me beef is. Because I know that no satisfying answer will come. The reason why is that I know very well that no one has a clue why my account was blocked. People at Chase Bank who were unfortunate enough to talk to me during the last two days are not to blame, their computer scenario simply tells them that information cannot and may not be given. Dealing with many clients requires a certain amount of automation. This is very understandable. Financial security requires privacy. Also understandable. But if you are aware of the technical inside of a program, and the instability of it, thing don’t sound so understandable. As any programmer, but especially any software architect knows is that a (web) application is a complex thing, with tons of room for error. And even when you build a flawless code, the platform that runs it has tons of room for errors, and then the browser that runs it, then the Operating System and even just the hardware in you computer or device might cause problems.  Then knowing that for example Chase also relies on third party software which might face the same amount of errors (and in their defense, just like any other bank or online organisation) AND the security and privacy rules going on preventing any kind of insight why anything has happened, makes it easy to understand why Chase Bank does not give out information. Even if this was an accident, by an error or by human error, they simply do not know. Automated systems take care of a lot of work,  but also makes you lose oversight. And this is my beef I have with Case bank; they are a financial organisation, taking care of my personal money accounts. They should be the financial experts. But really, they are not. They have no clue. It is literally they lost a sock of my money and their only answer is that they do not know what has happened to it and that they are not going to do anything about it. I am usually for automation, but it would be nice if not everyone depended blindly on it, especially not if you claim to be an expert in anything relying on it.


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