What is the common devider between God and the IRS?

I am scared of the IRS. Not, just scared that I have to pay up, but what happens if I do not pay up. The reason why I am scared is because I live in Pennsylvania, and, well, the IRS in Pennsylvania is not an agency that you want to mess with:


I love this commercial. I really do, because I think this advertisement company actually understood the message their clients told them to put in this commercial: “Make them pay!”. It is not subtle, but brings across the message really well. No nonsense. Commercials should be more like this one.

“Buy a KIA. It is not better, but at least you do not pay a lot.” or “Burger King. Sure You’ll die on your 40th of a heart-attack, but at least you had a tasty meal!”.

I can see the humor in this IRS commercial, and being someone who deals with advertising agencies a lot, it is refreshing, well made, good editing. Simple, but probably very effective. But this is not the only advertisement that is clear in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area. Along the TurnPike, northbound, a little bit north of New Brunswick, there is the following, giant, billboard:


…followed by a telephone number.

Now, the IRS commercial, I actually believe. They give you a message, more of a warning. This second one, well, I don’t think they mean it like a warning (or maybe they do, and that is why they want you to call that number).

Somehow, death is not really a catchy item for a commercial. The IRS at least gives you a way out, this billboard is actually not leaving you a choice. I do not believe, for example, but, according to this billboard, I will meet God anyway. Even the IRS tells me I can escape their verdict. I don’t think by calling the telephone number on this billboard will actually get me out with my date with God. And it is even a moody black billboard with a ECG-line printed on it that flat-lines. Nice. God is going to kick my ass nonetheless.

I actually, honestly, appreciate both commercials. They are different. They stand out between the rest and are not too easy on people. They have a bit of shock-effect, which usually is very effective. More companies should follow that example; maybe then the marketing world might crawl back up a little bit again


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