When Morfine doesn’t help

There are these days that or should never begin or should end very quickly. Today is such a day. The sun is shining, a little bit windy but not cold for a late January day, a warm cup of tea in front of me (yes, I know, but I had to switch from my daily mugs of coffee)… all the ingredients for a good day. But at the same moment, I can’t stand the pain anymore, the psychological abuse of a project gone wild. Not because of a weird and inconsistent team… nope…

The owner of the project somehow has escaped. This project has run its course in my personal opinion, but I still work on it since I get paid for it and it is my job. So I put my time and effort in it, but it is just like that moment when you run a 20 year old car and another failure shows. What is the point that you will not fix it anymore but just buy a new one.

This project is that car. But instead of getting rid of it and put all the time, money and effort in a solid new concept and try to make money on that, the owner cannot get rid of it even when it costs him so much money that I cannot count it anymore. So, instead of sitting down, evaluating the situation and maybe even making a plan, he decided to sell it to everyone who might be interested. That is not bad, but sell it with modifications and implementations that those people ask for, but that are not there. In his eyes, it is making money. In mine it is spending and losing money. For the money that we get per contract, we have to invest double till ten-times as much to just get it running. Then we also have a sales guarantee for those clients, or, we guarantee them an x amount of sales. That number is based on nothing and just a wild guess, and those number cannot be made in any lifetime.

But you know what ? This is not a unique scenario. I have seen this happen with many project owners and I have mentioned it before. But it is really important to keep the eyes open, and keep the goal and the direction to it in close sight. I have written before about business plans, planning and these kind of situation, but I am amazed (and I don’t know why I am still amazed after all this time) that it still happens. I cannot understand that if you ask people if they want to have $10, or have to give me $10, they actually might chose the latter. Yes, it sounds illogical… but hey, that seems to be the world.

It’s just draining. You know you will be working on a project that has no future, hardly had a past but you need to focus on it. And I am not talking about giving up, I would not do that if there was a chance of succeeding. But if even in a best-case scenario you will lose money, it is time to put a project out of it’s misery.

Make the hurting stop!


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