Why a local PA antique store gets more visitors than many other sites

Every day the usual thing about the productions I work on for clients has to do with being successful. Getting more visitors and – if possible – making a lot of money. To be honest, that last part I haven’t seen happening a lot, hardly actually. A lot of people who think they will strike gold on the internet will be disappointed, it is like becoming part of the Goldrush after all the land has been claimed for.

But still, there is always the possibility to be successful online, and more than enough possibilities actually. It is mostly how you try to utilize this medium. What I find most fascinating is how my wife, who at one day last year decided to sell antiques in the Philadelphia region, gets more visitors to her website on a daily basis than many of the sites I know, without any banners or SEO (the url is http://www.oldcountryantique.com – I had to write that here, otherwise I’d better not go home today 🙂 ). And the reason for her success? Putting effort in advertising her company. Instead of having CEO’s throwing out advertisements into DoubleClick or AdWord systems, she posts her advertisements manually every day in the regions she sells to and delivers to.

It absolutely takes time, and a lot of effort, but she is actually making a nice living of it. And that is a nice contrast to working with people who demand visitors and try to buy into the foolish dream of SEO-systems to get more and more traffic, only to fail and fail more.

Maybe we should take a step down, and focus more on the areas that are more important. Don’t go for the quantity, but the quality of your visitors, clients and subscribers.


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