Why I love to hate Apple, and hate to love Apple

I have never tried to hide the fact that I am not an Apple fan. I like to point out the flaws in their products, that do not do what it should, and and what might be expected. And it is true, it is also easier to write negative things. I do not like Apple, I prefer working with a PC and Windows. And I have to admit, mostly, I don’t like the attitude the company has.

But in the end, that is more my own problem I guess.

I am not into the iPad hype, and will not buy one actually. Not because I am just boycotting it, I am not like that. I think the machine is a great one, but I don’t see a use for it myself, simply because of the size. I like to carry my media player around, without having to carry an extra case around. It needs to be super portable but still big enough so it can fit at least a screen size that is big enough to see things on. So, I have to admit, with a vacation coming up that contains a lot of traveling, I bypassed the iPad line, and decided to upgrade my current MP3 player with a new iPod Touch. This is my third iPod now, and I have to be honest, outside the fact that I don’t like it that you are not allowed to replace the batteries yourself in an i*, they are the smoothest MP3 players around. I have more and actually was thinking about waiting for the new Zune HD, but after working with Windows Mobile, and yes, I knowthat the Zune HD is not working on Windows Mobile, I did have to say Microsoft still needs to proof itself on the mobile market. I simply do not like my Samsung Omnia phone simply because Windows Mobile is just not it.

I am not an OS-X fan. For me, it is simply a OS that on a desktop doesn’t work for me. On a desktop Windows delivers me more depth for the work that I need to do with it. But on the mobile area, all hail Apple. Yes. I have said it.

So I am actually enjoying the new Touch, it works fast, and it works smoothly. Still, I feel like committing a sin. Like cheating. Not because I am a Microsoft guy, but because I actually don’t like Apple, but I like this product. It simply outperforms, in my opinion, any other MP3/Media device. Not the iPad, not OS-X, not the iPhone (and yes, a lot will mention that the iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone, but that is just it). I do miss the feeling of a button or the click-wheel. I have to look what I am doing now, and that was so good with the old iPod that you could use it blindly. But, it has a lot of good stuff too, that for me outperforms the bad.

I read today somewhere about the closed up environment that Apple products live in, like the app-store, that it is simply the way Apple plays. I don’t like it if I would have an iPad, because I want to use it as a computer and don’t want Apple to tell me what to do with it. But, with the iPhone and iPod that are more the portable media gadgets, I don’t seem to mind it so much. One good thing I have to admit, it keeps the hackers out.

So, to speak with the words of the honorable Dr. Doofensmirtz: “This is Awkward, Apple, but Thank You and Curse You!”


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