Why is Apple making so many enemies?

People who have been reading my blog for a longer time might see I do like a lot of Apple products, but am not an Apple fan. Especially after the introduction of the iPad and than the flash-bashing by Apple really is something that does not put me into favor of this company.

There are companies I favor, I am a happy Windows user, I drink preferably Coca-Cola, I think Bethesda Softworks makes probably the best games in the universe and I love working with Adobe Products and think, no matter how others might to convince me otherwise, that Microsoft Word is the best word-processor available.

I was absolutely brand-nut in my teens and early twenties, and then, as a side effect of growing up, I started to value functionality above brand. So, early on I became a Samsung fan, even when it was still a b-brand. I have to admit I drink also the chemical Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper and will use my iPod until I think another MP3-player is really better. And I used to be a big Sierra On-line fan when the Quests were still the best games around. So I am not really hooked to a certain brand.

So, for the record, I don’t hate Apple. I still think the iPod (classic then, I like that I can control the iPod without looking at it) is simply the best and best looking MP3 player around. And, if Apple did not act like a crazy lunatic about skin on the iPhone/iPod/iPad I actually might have bought the iPad (see my previous posting). But I honestly cannot like the brand. Worse, I feel worse and worse about the brand. This is why I like for example the way how Microsoft or Adobe put themselves in the market. Photoshop, Windows, Office, Flash… those are the names to remember, the name Adobe is not important.

Autodesk does it even better. 3D Studio (and MAX), Maya, Combustion… they moved almost silently from the brand Autodesk to Discreet back to Autodesk. Nobody cared, as long as the products stayed good. And Apple is trying so hard to get their brand out there. Not the iPod, or iPhone, no, the half-eaten Apple. Why? The white ear-plugs from the iPod were branding enough, and an amazing branding. But then it started to bash Windows first. And their commercials were not based on anyfacts, about Vista, about how great OSX is and how it is so safe (which absolutely is un-proven and remains to be seen). Why not let your products do the talking, they did and they did that so well.

Now Apple means a certain attitude. No matter how great the iPad will be, I simply do not want to be connected to a brand that shows such an attitude problem. It is really too bad, because it is the only reason why I will not buy their products anymore. And a lot of people would not care, but this posting is also not to convince people from anything else that they think or believe.

But what bugs me about this is what a time and effort and money Apple wastes, even from other companies, because of this image. Microsoft had to launch its somewhat blend ‘I am a PC’ commercial line, Adobe is trying to fight all the accusations that Apple makes towards Flash. This has nothing to do with the quality of the products, but simply of product-bashing by Apple.

The point that I am actually trying to make is that it seems that Apple is making a lot of enemies. Not only under the competitors, but also with their allies. Adobe always has been Apple’s friend, and now with killing so many apps in the app-store, they are actually driving developers away. Apple actually at one moment might find out that it is still a small company. Just like how Motorolla or Ericsson were the largest untouchable phone companies a couple of years ago… and where are they now, nothing more than just another brand. And being ‘just another brand’ with so many enemies in the field, is not a good place to be.


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