Woohoo! I Dropped My Phone in the Toilet!

Yup. Absolutely true. I did. About 6 weeks ago while visiting the small room in the office, my belt-clip holding on for dear life decided that it was enough, it’s time had come. And – SPLASH – there it was. Gladly, the water was still clean, but somehow the picture of my phone surrounded by water was disturbing.

Worse, it is not a basic phone but a rather new smart phone that should be an iPhone killer, but instead it was a suicide machine. So after my neurosystem transported the vision of my gadget in its bed of H2O to my brains (early in the morning, so it is with quite some traffic jams) I picked it up, dried it off and tried it out.

Everything worked. Touch screen, Windows Mobile (for as far as that works in the first place. True, I like Windows, it’s just, personally I think Windows mobile is a bit of a disappointment), sound, buttons. It seemed all fine. Until I tried to make a call later that day and noticed that the only piece of machinery in this little communication device that officially died was the microphone.

So now I had this wonderful mini-computer with GPS, MP3, Video player, games, Exchange and even Skype… just not a phone anymore. Or more correctly, half a phone. Then there was the question; what to do?

I don’t like phones. I simply don’t. I am a writer, not a talker. Because I tend to ramble on and bore everyone to tears (are you still here?) So, actually, before I was about to send this one in for repair, which would take about 2 weeks, I thought it over. People could still call me, and leave a message, all the gadgetry was still working sound, and I would have a perfect excuse not to pick up the phone.


Any downsides to this?

I am not such a fan of mobile phones, but for my work I need to have one. So I now have a headset, a good one, for when I really have to make the call. But I do like it actually that I am validly now out of reach when I don’t want to be called. That I have my private time back. Instead of the people – and maybe you are one of them – that always pick up the phone, no matter what the company is you are with.

My wife still has the best way of doing it; turning it simply off (and then telling other people to call my cell phone because I always have it one…. sigh ) but with my work, I cannot do that. But I have to admit, my life became much more relaxed.

So, if you want to reach me… send me a  mail at p.zuidema@dialect-line.com. Believe me, you would receive a faster response than leaving a voicemail 😉


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