Wooohooo! It’s a bug!

As someone who is developing a lot all of the time, it is fun to find a bug in other software from time to time. The reason why? Simple, so I know I am not the only one who spends apparently a lot of time programming bugs. Unintentionally of course. But they are the involuntary pets you get with the job.

I don’t mind bugs in systems. Of course, they bug you, but when you work in the field, you know that they are there. There is no program that ia a little bit of size that is without bugs.  The problem is, that although in this field you know they are there, and that your program will have them too, but the users should not have to deal with them.

Finding bugs is practically unevitable at some level. I, for example, design a lot in Flash. Everytime you read in the news that Adobe updated Flash because of some insecurity of bug, you know that I actually built my programmes on that foundation. So if the foundation has a bug, that bug is also in my program. And that goes on even all the way to the hardware. Most people might not remember it anymore, but when Intel first released it’s Pentium architecture processor, it actually had a bug in the chip itself that caused some calculations to be off; very simply set and completely out of context for the idea… if your program handles the calculation 1 + 1 = x and your computer thinks the value of 1 is actually 0.9999989 it is close, but absolutely no cigar. My calculation then turns into 1 + 1 = 1.9999978 which is not a real stable starting point.

Another ‘bug’ in simple software architecture is one that all programmers know; a computer is not able to pick out a random number. Since a computer is always a calculator, and everything it does is based on calculations, it is actually calculating a random number if you ask for it. There you go. This is actually well accepted and the calculations they now have included to provide a random number are very acceptible and passible for real random, but still are not really random at all.

Where was this bug that I found? Actually, right here in this blog. You might have spotted it before I did. It was impossible to click on ‘subscribe’ or ‘home’ in this blog. The reason? I changed the url to this blog but apparently the update function of this system I am using (not my own) is not working right with the url updating. So when I finally changed it back, it worked again. So, yes, you are now able to subscribe and click on home and feel free to do so of course 😉

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