A cat, a dog and a bad economy

We recently upgraded our household with an addition called: ‘dog’. I have never been much of a dog-person, maybe because I simply never had one in my youth, but I am more of a cat person. Cats are easy, take care of themselves mostly and like you to do exactly as they please.

Now, a dog is a whole other story. It’s cute, gives you a lot more companionship than a cat, but requires a lot more work. Even though I am a cat person, I do have to admit that having the dog is more rewarding.

Now, we decided to go with a smaller breed, a terrier. Sweet, cute and a ball of energy. We knew this before we got one from the rescue. And it does require me to wake up even earlier than the 4am I was used to each day, and since we are crate-training it, it might add a couple of more weeks of howling in the house at night. Also, with Halloween yesterday night, there is this whole ego and attitude thing going on; the smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude, and while our ball of fur did everything to ignore an even smaller ball of fur, the charge and the accompanying noise of the other squeaker simply got our dog’s water boiling until he could not resist anymore while we held him short, and the other person actually lengthened the leash. And a smack-down was introduced. You actually saw the larger dogs around smiling; ‘amateurs’.

A dog requires more training, more time, more devotion to get the best out of it compared to a cat. Our cat knows exactly what she wants, while our dog tries to find out exactly what we want. And of course, our dog and cat are not mixing well together until they’ve learned to deal with each-other.

Sounds familiar?

When you would deal with a company that is there to service you; don’t settle for a cat, request a dog. A cat is cheaper, easier and faster to deal with… but gives you less personality in return. A dog requires more time from you, more input, more care, but will get you what you need.

In the end, this might result that putting AND more money AND more time and devotion in a project or product, delivers a more rewarding result. But in this time of bad economics, people want to save, cut spending, especially where it would require more work too. So probably, this is the era of the cat, not of the dog.

Still, I see a huge market opportunity here for dogs in the IT industry. But that might just be me.


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