Alyssa Milano saved the Lunar Eclipse (Among other things)

I still have problems with social media. I mean, I write this blog, I use my Twitter page, and I am actually appreciate LinkedIn and ModelMayhem for my photo studio a lot. My Facebook I use on and off. I have never made a secret about this. Although many of my interests lay in IT, and mostly online IT, social media simply never seemed really an important part of my online life. But, I should. It is a major location to find and build up an audience, and even maintain an audience or prepare one for what you are about to do.

I actually love ModelMayhem ( ) but maybe that is because there it is really a tool to help you out – in this case in the world of photography. If we seek to work with new models, or like to find costume designers, make-up artists; that’s for us the place to go.

LinkedIn ( ) is a tool that I like to use to keep track of my professional network.

None of these networks I use to hoard a large network that is meaningless to me. 173 friends on ModelMayhem – simply people we would like to work with or that we have worked with, or simply who we really like and want to see what they are up to. LinkedIn is simply, with the exception of a few, my network of people I work or worked with at some point.

Facebook is also a site I at least know a bit what to do with, although it took me a while and am not yet really comfortable with it.

Now, there is Twitter. I really do not know what to do with it. Sure, whenever I publish a posting on my blog, I also make it known on the web using Twitter, but that is more or less because it is simple. But I really did not see any reason how it could be  – for me – a real asset to my online life. Sending out messages quickly, but in such amounts, that it is like going to a bar where all your friends and strangers are that you are interested in, and they all talk through one another, and nobody really seem to be listening. Honestly, I would call that a mental asylum or Wall Street.

Until actually, one little incident sparked a bit of hope for me and Twitter; Alyssa Milano.

Now, don’t get all giddy with me. Using my iPod Touch Twitter I added a bunch of recommended people from every field, including the former Who’s the Boss, Charmed and motion picture actress. Sorry, the latter is not ‘former’, she still is. Anyway, while extremely quickly scanning through some tweets while I was in the hospital waiting for my wife’s surgery on Monday, I noticed her posting about how to watch the Lunar Eclipse. I did not pay a lot of attention to it, but it kind of stuck. Not enough to be important to me at that moment, and I actually thought it was a bit of spaced-out tweet with stars around it.

My opinion about that posting changed when I woke up the next morning at 4am to walk the dog, walking outside in the freezing cold, experiencing the Eclipse at its fullest – clear skies, slow wind. I would actually have stayed in a little bit longer, but suddenly in the morning I remembered her posting, which made me walk our dog a bit earlier – just being impressed by one of nature’s beautiful happenings, and this while seemingly my dog and I were the only ones witnessing it in the area (of course, the dog’s interest was more about ‘repainting’ the neighbor’s garbage can at that moment). A moment of piece and quietness. You know, those moments that sometimes come and go that you feel completely content about everything.

So, I have to thank Alyssa for that. And it sparked a bit of thought for me that although I – and according to a recent interview with Twitter’s CEO – don’t really see the value of Twitter, it might be a platform that delivers sometimes a message, that actually, maybe slightly, has an impact on you. It might be news, a laugh, or even a call to surf to a blog posting about Alyssa Milano and IT.

So here it goes; Miss Milano, I thank you for bringing me a moment of peace and relaxation during a couple of personal difficult days, I will follow you still on Twitter, although I most probably ignore every posting.

Tweet on!


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