…as only Steven Spielberg can.

Tonight I have experienced something I did not expect ever to happen.

When I was a kid, while other friends had idols like Han Solo, or Luke Skywalker, Bo and Luke, with my six year old mind, my idol was Steven Spielberg. Did none of my friends even know how to spell the word ‘director’, I was already known with many elements of movie making. And it was not so much the directing of a movie that inspired me, but that there was this genius who could make up stories, write them down, and make them himself into movies that are still icons i. Almost any genre… That was, and is, truly awe inspiring.

Many people mention the great movie makers like Alfred Hitchcock, Coppola, Allen, Scott… And they have made many great movies too… Impressive achievements in film-history… In my personal opinion they do not match the achievements of Mr. Spielberg. True, the Godfather might be one of the greatest movies ever created, and anything from Metropolis to Titanic, Casalanca to Gladiator are golden highlights in the giant library of movies. There is a very small amount of movies that can feel like an adventurous story sitting by the hearth in winter with a lanket wrapped around you.

The thing I appreciate the most in Mr. Spielberg’s work is the personality. Taking the time in the story to get to know the personalities and start to honestly care for them. And then still take you on a rollercoaster ride. How many film makers have ared to create a number of movies with the main roles played by children, and pull it off. Goonies, The masterful E.T., and even an horror like Poltergeist. He is one of the movie makers, as a producer or director, that is not afraid of children. But not only that, but to put a recognizable feeling into the productions that all of us remember.

And there has not been one single movie maker that ever matched Mr. Spielberg’s finesse in this. Some came close, like Ron Howard and Stand By Me. Closr, but no sigar.

Until now. Tonight I have seen Super 8 and I have been amazed by the feeling this move had. It is ot the best movie of all time. But for the first time, I have seen a movie that exactly feels like a Spielberg movie. With the same kind of story that we saw in the ’80s with the same kind of roles and the same kind of children it too. It absolutely felt that this movie has been found in the archives of Mr. Spielberg’s work, and was released 30 years after production finished.

And although Steven Spielberg was involved, most of this credit goes to J.J. Abrahms, who wit his writing skills, and directing skills, has been able to produce a movie that absolutely show that a pop sci-fi story can be made into a truly wondeful movie experience.

So, I’ll take my hat off to Mr. Abrahms… And can only applaud him. Because this is the first time that I have known of a film-maker that got himself following close into the footsteps of the Master himself.

To be honest… I wished such creative souls could do more in the it world, where creativity and story-telling is a very rare gift.


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