Bugs are bugging my car

The inevitable has happened. No matter if you buy a brand-new car, or drive and old one. No matter if you take excellent care for it, the day will come that it lets you down. So here I am, writing this blog post on the side of the side of the road – long live the mobile platform!

But it happens, and after 200,000 miles my trusty Ol’ faithfull is slowly telling me it has been enough.

So, the bugs in the syatem are finally winning, because this time it is not something major that halted the car, but one other small thing happening that would make the costs of repair much higher than its remaining value.

So, slowly and with a sad heart I will look for a New faithful.

Sometimes things like this happening are indeed inevitable. Sooner or later they are bound to happen. And that is actually like with ane production. Even though code is practically immortal, sometimes it is better to move on, rewrite or buy new. It gives you a new perspective on you production, and change is good in the lifecycle of a production and even outside of that.

So, I can start car shopping again… I am a guy. I love my old car, but, hey, out of the way


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