Ella for Spam… R.I.P.

Openfield Software is out of business. Yes. I just found that out. The builder of one of the best anti-spam software for outlook available is no more.

Well, it hasn’t been around since about 2 years. The 1st of December, 2008 they closed their doors and went the way of the dodo. I know, I always deliver the latest news.

Well, but that’s reality, so many small companies, even the ones who actually make a good product now and again, rise and drop dead like flies. Tell me about it, I had one too. What is actually so sad is that probably nobody ever even noticed, only if you were working at the company.

I had no emotional connection to Openfield at all except that I bought the spam filter a long time ago because it simply worked perfectly for me, until their plug-in had a problem after 2 years, and I tried to look on their website if there was a new version available. But alas, they are no more.

Well, in this case after a weekend of giving thanks; Openfield, rest in peace.


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