Hang on!

I don’t want to talk about failing sites anymore, or business plans around sites and online productions. Really, today I am too busy trying to keep my eyes open to go into that again. But I am asked so many times why some sites are failing and the answer is actually too obvious. So, I am not going there. This morning alone I have been in a meeting for over three hours trying to explain to a client the visions of an investor. And those visions are clear: Have more traffic so we can sell advertisements. Ah, such a nobel goal.

Anyway. My clients’ response is each and every time explaining the reason why they have less traffic but that their traffic is much better. Sigh. I do agree with this client, that there is a world of difference between good traffic and bad traffic.

Good traffic exists out of active users. They come to your site and are interested and active. Bad traffic are people who are sent to your site under false pretenses and don’t do anything. They are completely useless, for everyone.

But, the fact is, at this moment internet advertisement is shallow. Very shallow. It is purely about traffic. So, and advertisement sells for more money on a busy site than a quiet site, even if the busy site’s traffic is all immediately moving on. C’est la vie.

Nice morale heh? I am against bad traffic, but sold my soul to the devil by saying you should utilize it if you want those nice advertisements on your site. Am I two-faced?

Well, there are two things here; I love a good site, and as many of you have read here previously, in my opinion a good site is a site with its own content. I don’t like sites that try to rake in money with advertisements. But, and here comes my business-cap… if you want to make a profit so that you actually can run your website, you need advertisements or paying customers. And as a newcomer that second option might be hard if you are not featuring very naughty-dressed ladies on your site. So advertisements, here you go!

So, I am not talking about a failing site, or dealing with the business. No. Today I am in a good mood, and just saying that you should run your production like you think it should. But don’t change your course drastically. If you do, your production is not your production anymore. And that might lose all it’s charm of it completely. If you hit such a scenario, see if there are ways to incorporate gathering traffic without straying from your original plan.

And just, hang on.


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