Hi iCloud! Where did you go?

Once I noticed there were actually pens for iPad’s, I immediately wanted an iPad. Now, people who know me or have read some of my postings, know I am not an Apple Zealot, but I do like some of their products. Some. iMac? Please…. don’t kid yourself. AppleTV? Excuse me? iPod? Now, there is a winner. iPad? Ka-Ching.

The company ‘Apple’ I don’t like so much, but some of their products are amazing. I always loved my iPod Touch, and my other iPod’s before that. There was a lot to dislike too, but reality is… competitors are simply not yet up to speed.

I hate the fact that Apple bans Flash from their mobile platforms. It is a stupid reason that actually covers-up the internal war between Adobe and Apple and has nothing to do with the battery life.

iOS is also not all that it is said to be. No matter how you slice it, you are not really multitasking, no matter what they say or what it technically does. I cannot have two programs open at the same time on-screen and have them interact. I always need to focus on one or the other. Which is fine. The iPad, iPod or iPhone are no computers, they are simply very good media devices. And when you realize that, iOS does a pretty good job. I am not a fan, but at this moment, I do not know something that works better. I own a Droid phone, which I like. But Android might make things more complicated. Although I like to be in control of my device more… maybe I am wrong in that.

So I use my iPad more like a brief-case. It has all the tools for daily stuff in it. But I am not developing on it, or creating full-screen mega-wow media on it. I might, but I don’t want to. It is not the platform for it.

And with the pen, somehow the iPad became in my eyes an interactive notebook. This might not sound like a reason for buying the thing… but to me it is. To be able to scribble things down, make sketches on the fly, try things out… that is priceless. Whenever a concept comes to my mind, flip the thing open and just draw it out. And that works with a pen, not with a keyboard. A keyboard is too slow, a pen is fast.

Sure, you can do it with your finger, but the feeling of a pen or pencil in the hand is different, and any creative will agree.

And with tools like AutoDesk Sketchbook or Adobe Ideas… my iPad has become a major part of my technical life. although it is still crappy for surfing because of the lack of Flash.


Recently Steve Jobs announced iCloud. That was weird, because it happened the day after I bought my iPad. The reason why it was weird, is because I was checking if there might be a SkyDrive app on the iPad (hey, you at least can try…) and iCloud showed up. I installed the iCloud app, and it mentioned that it would allow me to use the online storage for a set amount per year. I was not really planning to pay for online storage and it was not a requirement for me anyway. So I kicked it off.

And then, Steve Jobs announced it. Hey… but sharing my music library over my devices, or the movies, now THAT would be good. Not my photos, but the rest? Sure. Since I also bought an iPad 1 for testing purposes, I have now 2 iPad’s and 3 iPods… I would like that media sharing. But, alas, iCloud has disappeared from the store as mysteriously as it had appeared.

And it has not returned since.

Was it accidentally launched? Was a sudden spiked interest in its security system a target for hackers? What did happen?

Most likely it should never have been in the App Store already and someone accidentally released it. But, such a small mistake rises questions, and questions that actually do not have any satisfying answers… even though there might not be anything wrong with it.

So, even though I cannot install iCloud anymore, I also wonder if I actually would like to use it. Maybe… but Apple has shown me too their complicated ways of sharing media using their whole iTunes world. Would those products not be a lot nicer if you could simply drag and drop folders like any other device?

Sigh… something to wish for.


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