Oy… Thursday… what do you do to me?

Do you know those days, that start out wrong immediately from the moment you wake up? That simply hit you in the face. And it is not the major things that go wrong, but those tiny things that  become major hassles. Alright, today is such a day for me. Fine. It happens, but then including that with the rainy day here at the east-coast it just is enough. And then dealing with a client who refuses to understand that the failure of his production is not in the details, but in the essence of the production will make this probably a very looooong day.

So, all in all, a perfect day of being in a gloomy mood. Sending out snappy responses to collegues – heheheh. I know, the Dark me floats up during these kind of days. You know, the one that releases the diabolic laughter inside your head. My healthy multiple-personality syndrom*

* For all the people reading this too literally, yes, I am phsycologically completely sound. At least, that is what they say 😉



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