Simply Professional…

My car is not dead, nor is it dieing. Actually, with the most recent stat inspection it was told – after explicit inquiry of it’s to be expected life-span of my 10-year old ol’ faithful – it was mentioned that I should be able to get at least another 2-3 years out of it. The same person advised me last weekend to maybe start slowly looking for another car.

Was there something wrong with his professional insight this or the last time? Was there something wrong with the car that he did not see? Did he try to sell me something else? None of the above. This person has proofed to me in the last couple of years to be very skillful and good at his job, and I value his opinion tremendously. So when during an oil change he calls me in, and mentions a slight rattling sound underneath the humming of the engine resulting in the advice to start looking slowly for a new car, I am not even going to doubt him.

He is the expert and he has shown many times that he knows what he is talking about. He has revived my ol’ faithful many times, and made me from a corporate-car driver into someone who actually cares about his own property. So, I am going to prepare myself for sweet goodbye’s in the following 2-3 months and find a new replacement.

To find someone like that in the car repair industry is a god-sent. So, why is that so strange in the IT world? True, bits and bytes keep working nicely. Technically a site by code can always run if maintained correctly. Pac-Man games from the early ’80s are still running fine. Code is probably the most durable thing you can buy with your money. But sometimes you want to have someone near you advising you honestly about your IT endeavors. It is what a consultant really should be. Looking at your site or production, giving the goods, the bads and the ugly’s.

IT is a major business, and consultancy a major part of that. Companies earn millions and millions of dollars with it, and a consultant doing a big project is worth more money than a consultant, well, consulting. But, let’s be honest, is such a consultant really worth more?

My car guys – a plug here by the way for East Penn Automotive in Fairless Hills, PA ( ) – are not a filthy rich couple of people owning a super luxurious repair station. They don’t advice an expensive repair if your car doesn’t need it and they actually covered so many costs for me personally so many times that I doubt if they overall ever earned a dime on me. And it is not that money part that makes them valuable to me, it is that I trust them. I trust that what they say is what I need to hear. And sometimes I might not like the answer, but they are there to help me, and in their professional way, they do – every time again.

It is my hope that at one time a lot more consultancy firms in IT would become professional like that. There is so much IT work still to do before the market ever would be saturated, that literally consulting could earn a lot of money anyway.

So… time for me to shop… dealing with car-dealers. Bweach… another such fine breed 😉


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