Sometimes IT is not all problematic at all.

Today is for me a day completely dipped in IT that I cannot do anything about. I mean, I like to complain, or explain or dive deep into problems with IT, but actually, today, I am really impressed about how far IT has come.

I am in the hospital today, not for myself but for my wife who is having surgery today. Because of the type of surgery, we ended up with this religious hospital St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. Being atheists ourselves somehow we were a bit hesitant, but you know what, the quality of someones work has nothing to do with religion. Better even, we were both pretty impressed. My wife, who is an M.D. herself about the medical know-how, and I, with my experience in IT with the technical side of this hospital.

My wife actually has a remote surgery done by a robot. Usually this should worry me, because, well, we all know about problems that could occur with computers and related appliances – but this is the first time I have the idea – in this hospital – that everything is extremely well under control. I am just sitting here, with wireless access everywhere and allowed cell-phones – so even from a working point of view, I am actually completely on the go here.

But not only that, because of the use of robots and the remote surgery, they are actually able to have surgery on my wife with the minimum of impact on her body. Of course, it still is major surgery, but it is good to know that these days it is not only about fixing what is wrong, but also about the aftermath, making sure that what had to be done, has been done absolutely well. And this is then the moment that you have to rely on technology while not being in control, just like stepping into an airplane… and you know what… it seems like there are things in IT that are absolutely going extremely well… and I guess this Hospital, among many others in the country (I hope) is taking care of it amazingly. So a little shout-out to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, PA; Nice work! And thank you very much.


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