The Good, The Bad and the Extremely Hard

As some of you know, the last couple of days I have spent visiting my best friend in Seattle. He lives in Vancouver BC, and I live in the New York / Philly area, so we try to find at least one weekend a year to meet each other on the west coast – and until now that has been steady Seattle. I have told in my previous posting that one of the reasons is that Seattle also doesn’t seem to distract us too much. Usually we get in a brainstorming mood right away, and we don’t get out of it. This guy is absolutely gold in that perspective. And we have a blast getting in that mood, cling on to a concept and not letting go. This weekend was actually so good, we had twoconcepts, of which one will be turned into a company probably next month, and the other one a new kind of production, that we were able to conceptualize, build and test in this weekend. That is the good thing, having this time together with someone in a like-minded state of mind – going for it, and let the hours a day fly by. Actually, we have spent most time of the days in the hotel room (A shout-out to the Mayflower Park Hotel for upgrading us free of charge to a suite) just going out for breakfast and a meal at night.

So, it sounds good maybe, and we had a blast. Still, there is a bit of a bitter taste. Because I am writing often about how to set up businesses, how to do the right things, avoid the wrong things, and try to visualize. I and we have been working on numerous projects that might one day make a lot of money. But as many business owners know – hitting a jack-pot is tremendously difficult. Most of the time, you spend money and time without seeing a dime in return. We know that. But, one element that is easily overlooked is trust. Not of yourself, although that is #1. But you need the trust and support of people around you. Not the constant questioning of what you believe in around you. That you do not have to prove yourself all the time.

My wife is extremely supportive in this – and I have learned I am extremely lucky with that too. Because – my friend and I – have not been financially very lucky in the endeavors we had on our own. We had to pull the plug on our company in ’99 when our first set of clients did not pay, and we have a number of extremely good concepts and designs and no means of producing them. We personally lost a lot of money in those days – and those being the days of being a carefree twentier without any responsibilities lay a foundation of life for when you become married, a parent… and life goes to another plane.

Believing in what you are doing, but without support from your surroundings is an extremely hard thing to do. It is like being religious in a land full of atheists – or the other way around. You have to go and do what you believe in – but it is a lot harder to do. My friend is absolutely someone who will become very succesful, even though he does not always realize it – he is absolutely golden in the things that he does. I do not know a better server manager, brainstormer and overal nicer guy than him.

Keep your head up buddy.


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