There is a lot of market out there.

It happened to me a lot of times; wondering if there might be a market for something. And sometimes, because of that question, I, or my friend (that I produce almost all concepts with) and I give up before even trying, because at one moment, it seems that the market is so very saturated already.

But that is not always true. There is actually a lot of room in the market when you are dealing with IT/entertainment products. The reason is that that market is never saturated. Existing things that entertain people will bore them tomorrow. The mind needs new things to keep occupied. And with more automation of daily processes, people have more time to spend doing leisurely things.

I myself start focussing more on books than computers, and for the first time in my life I actually enjoy the things away from a computer more. Yes, maybe I am becoming a more older guy. But the fact is, a lot of people simply live with their smart phone or computer. And best of all, it is so integrated in life right now, that a lot of people don’t even notice it anymore.

Letting family know how things go on vacation by uploading photos immediately from your camera to your Facebook account. Skype with your parents living across the globe. Finding a good an recommended restaurant to go out on with your date with Yelp, and finding the place with Google Maps. You let TiVo decide what programmes you want to watch and stream them through NetFlix. So many things we do now are computer related.

And since mobile computing is becoming so big, and mobile development has only just started. Development for television sets has barely even seen the light of day. Network based automotive has not even been released to the market yet.

So we have an expanding number of platforms, a growing request for products… and existing products that have a short life-span. I don’t give Facebook very long anymore. It is becoming sluggish, and difficult to update because of its own mass. Don’t say it won’t happen, everyone said also that mySpace would be there to stay. Where? Where was that?

The problem with social media is, well, that it’s social. And as we all know, what is now a social hype, might be changed tomorrow due to… well… social behavior. People who want this explained very clearly, Netflix Disney’s ‘Phinneas And Ferb’ episode ‘Chez Platipus’, and it will become very clear.

A lot of people say that they are brand loyal. But products like Facebook or Hyves are not like Coca Cola. It is different. And people are always looking for the next new thing. And most people do not just have one social network account.

It might sound a bit like a weird connection, but it is like pornography. The total production of pornography in the U.S. alone has been the last 3 years more than the last 30 years in total. And there are huge amounts of pornography out there. But people don’t want old stuff, but new stuff. And as Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam show so very well in their book ‘A Billion Wicked Thoughts’, people are always looking for new and weird things (read it, it will tell you a lot about what people say they do online, and what they really do.

There is always a market. Distribution has never been easier and cheaper. Go out there! Design! Develop! There is a whole world available!


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