Too much Automation?

Google will be launching their ‘priority inbox’ feature in beta today on their GMail system. This feature is there to make life a little bit easier for maintaining the GMail inbox. Because, as Google mentioned, GMail users are more and more dealing with vast amounts of email to deal with, including loads of unimportant mail. So, to make this work, GMail is going to filter out the important emails and put them in the top of the inbox.

Now, what strikes me about this is the whole wrap about how it will help people organize their emails because it is getting too hard for many users to organize it without this. And this comes from the same company who recently lost their bid to provide state-wide over California email solutions, to Microsoft where one of their responses was about the ‘old fashioned’ way of how Microsoft Outlook organizes email by manual labor.

I am not in any way hooked to Outlook, but I absolutely prefer to be in control of my own email box with my own filters, priorities and rules. This is why I don’t use my Gmail account anymore. True, I like it that a company like Google tries to find new ways of handling things like email, but I like my own freedom in it too. Companies like Google, but just as well Apple and Microsoft, should not forget that we should not have everything done for us. When I buy a new house, I don’t want the realtor to design the interior for me upon delivery. I just don’t. Sometimes, too much automation might be too much.

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