Who is Cassandra Kubinski?

When I came to the United States about 5 and a half years ago, I pretty quickly started to work with a company in New York City. There, within this small crew of people, was a girl who was actually writing content for our web productions. But during a private conversation I had with her a little bit later, she told me she actually was a singer and was working to finance her first steps in her singing career.

Well, to be honest, in New York, everyone is a singer, just like everyone in Los Angeles is an actor. Hey, I have been one telling since I was 15 years old, that I owned a company. Sure, I never did something with it… but I told it anyhow. It makes you look interesting, at least when you are 15.

Anyway, as an example of her work, she then sent me two songs by email that she wrote, produced and had recorded. And what really amazed me that these were two very well written, very well composed and performed songs. No pretences to create pop-songs, she had written the music she felt most comfortable with, and felt passionate about. And still, a couple of her songs of her albums are in my favorite playlist on my iPod.

Now, the reason why I bring this up is that this morning, when I was driving to work and I had to miss out on my satellite radio because my car is in the garage, I hooked up my iPod in the car and two of her songs got through. So, between Gorrillaz, Five for Fighting, Fatboy Slim, the Verve… there was Cassandra Kubinski. A singer who is still recording, who is still performing and putting her heart into it and delivering very good music without a lot of money or any major radio station play time.

That is actually where you see real creativity. I usually deal with clients who want what they want out of a commercial point of view. A site has to perform and generate revenue. Hey, it is what I often say here too; if you are a commercial company, you need to make a profit or plan to make a profit in the foreseeable future. If you don’t, your business has no right of existence.

But that’s business. And to be honest, Businesses and original creativity do not often get along. A commercial business usually wants to make a profit using a tested concept. Real creativity is, well, something that did not exist before. It just has been ‘created’.

And it is done by people who have passion, who have, inside, the urge to create something, to make something up that was not there before. I am not talking about people who deliberately chose this line of work as a profession, but like people who do this because something inside of them tells them that they have to.

And that often delivers the most astonishing productions. It can be a painting, a story, a movie, a statue, a concept, a simple poem on a piece of a handkerchief… or like in this case, beautiful music.

Sometimes I think businesses should take a moment and actually think about that. That quality of productions is not about how much money you put into a production process, or how you handle your legal paperwork to control as much code as possible or buy into productions. Quality of any kind of production always has its roots with someone who really cares and is passionate about what he/she is making. And it only has to be this one person.

But, working in a commercial business and running another one myself, I too sometimes forget to appreciate that. But it is the passion of people like Cassandra that actually give a lot more color to this world.


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