WikiLeaks and reality

Right now the news subject in IT is WikiLeaks and how more and more payment providers are cancelling the opportunity to send donations to the website. It raises a lot of anger within a lot of the Internet population and these financial institutions have been under attack, mainly with Distributes Denial of Service attacks, trying to slow the servers down, probably crashing them, rendering the payment portals useless.

My personal opinion? I actually agree with the opponents of the WikiLeaks website. A controversial thought to have online right now, but I will explain it simply why I think that this site is in my opinion a serious threat. In my opinion, WikiLeaks is a huge threat to the freedom of speech. I know most of the people who are pro-WikiLeaks say that closing the site down is a threat to the freedom of speech, but I cannot see it that way.

Because, right now it seems that no matter what you hold as a secret, is public domain. Secrecy is not a new thing, nor is it a bad thing. We as adults keep it a secret for children that Santa does not really exists.  How many people keep a lot of their income secret from the IRS? What if someone at church suddenly reveals that you have a subscription to Hustler magazine? Not everything is everyone’s business. If certain secrecy covers up things that are absolutely against the law, it is another thing. But if it is not, some things are simply not of any of your concerns.

Actually, it seems now to be the sole objective for WikiLeaks to get classified documents and reveal them to the public. If it was not for classified information and secret operations, America and Europe most probably would have been victim of many more terrorist attacks in the last few years, because what is open to you, is also open to terrorists. It is already incredibly difficult to keep a secret these days, let alone with a site like WikiLeaks.

It does not mean that ignorance is bliss, but you have to read information, no matter what kind of information, in the right context. And that is what is missing at WikiLeaks.  It is just like someone who has no medical experience, feels an ache in her head, and demands the latest pain re-leaver advertised on the television from her Doctorr, against her Doctor’s advice. People think too often they know what is going on.

When a medical report says that the success-rate of spinal surgery has doubled in the last 10 years, most people will read this as an amazing thing and that spinal surgery is now so safe. A medically trained person might know that that means that the success rate went from 0.5% to 1%, which still means 99% chance of failure.

And not only that, but what do you care if the US has secret agents here and there in the world, including their addresses, risking their lives for our freedom. What difference does it make in your life if you are not directly connected to what is going on?

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think everything is good in the world. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world that the world should know about. Look what banks do to the economy, or hidden politic scandals that actually do cost only money because some senator spends millions of dollars on his personal home. Fine. Share it with the world. But don’t reveal everything that you receive as classified information. Don’t reveal it simply because you want to reveal it, because it gets you in the news, because it will deliver more hits to your site. That is no noble cause, that is pure capitalistic behavior; everything for you own personal gain.

If WikiLeaks showed a bit of regulation, self regulation that is, that was not pointed towards traffic, I would be a supporter of the site. Like I have mentioned in an earlier post; not everything needs to be public. And if that is your opinion, which is absolutely fine of course, but I would like to ask you if you have all your information publicly available on your facebook account.


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