You are not a Guru!

A good ex-colleague (Hi Kat!) wrote in a blog post of last week that writing in a blog is a very good way to vent some steam. And you know what, it might be absolutely true. And since it is actually IT related and I’ll bet I am not the only one experiencing this on a regular basis,

If you do not have anygrasp on the concept of development, the integrity of a project and structure of a production in front-end, middle-ware, back-end and data layer, don’t ever promise that someone can do anything ‘quickly’ because it is all automated.

Sorry, but especially that last part, the ‘all automated’ really, really ticked me off. In this person’s mind the fact that something is automated and dynamic, so it does not require a lot of technical maintenance once it finally works, it also does not take much time to completely change it and change its functionality.

My car is at this moment in repair with a body-shop that I really appreciate and trust, and it would be something if I told them they had to replace my rear brakes including the shoes, re-align the car and check why the ‘low coolant fluid’ light comes up and that it should be done in about 10 minutes.

No matter how much you ‘own’ the project, it does not mean that everything goes as you ‘demand’ it to go.

Ah, and another thing. If you have a project released to thousands and thousands of people, and one person makes a comment and no-one else does, it is not an emergency to change the whole project on the fly.

Please, just like we all learn in kindergarten; Don’t panic. Sit down, breath easy and count to 10. If that does not help, hit yourself in the head and come to your senses.

Sorry, I needed this 🙂

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