Olivia Wilde

My wife absolutely dislikes Olivia Wilde, the woman better known as ‘Thirteen’ from the television series House. And my liking of her probably feeds the dislike from my wife even more. She is not by any means a jealous woman, and nor should she ever have to be afraid that Olivia would ever be any real life competition.

But I liked her in House, I thought she had an underrated role in Tron:Legacy, and I still have to see about the upcoming ‘Cowboys & Aliens’. But it is not about that, I simply think she is a good actress. I am not so easy to become a fan of an actor or actress, but once in a while it happens. I usually am more a fan of the people behind the screens, because that is the area that catches my interest in any production. Hence my previous posting about J.J. Abrahms and Steven Spielberg.

But, when it comes to the area I am most well know about – IT, I rather not think about the behind-the-scenes. I tought myself to be very superficial about that. For example, I do not want to know anything about the security of any of the websites I use my banking with. Why not? Because I will never be satisfied. Even if you see the little lock in the top of your browser screen while you fill out your username and password, it only means that the communication is secure, and it does not tell you in any way if the receiving party is handling that information securely too.

Sony and City Bank have been very good examples of this lately. But it is not only about security. Take a look at games. I love to play a game once in a while. And some are absolutely amazing, like Dragon Age, Dragon Age II and the Mass Effect series. They play amazing, have a gripping story line… but I am so very sure if I would dive into the back-end, the coding might be crappy, or not at all optimized. I am of course not sure, but I also don’t want to know. It is just like you don’t want to hear your airplane pilot tell you at the end of the flight that he has almost crashed the plane three times during your trip. I would never get back on board again. Some things I just do not want to know.

Nothing is secure. Not online, not in real life. Yes, politicians are corrupt, at least a lot. Should that keep you from voting? Nothing is perfect. So, I tend to not dive too deep in things that perform well, but maybe behind the scenes is not optimally done. If it does what it should do, and it does it well, what more could you want?

And with Olivia, she acts very well. I don’t care how she is in personal, and I don’t want to know. She acts well, looks good… and I am a happy camper.


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