It Should Go BOOM!

After watching another episode of MythBusters, I suddenly had an epiphany. I suddenly understood what is missing from the whole internet and digital world:

A good explosion.

I mean, sure, in games we shoot up everything that exists. We detonate complete galaxies with a flick of a switch. No problem. Darth Vader does it with Eldaran as a test-run (let’s call it a beta-test) of the Death Star. But we actually do not have a real nice explosive thing going on online. Things just are forgotten. I mean, if the Internet would be a real world, it would be a grey, post-apocalyptic landscape. Not with death and distruction, but with boredom and forgotten stuff. And since whatever is put on the internet will stay on the internet, things will simply be a whole dusty space with simply stuff.

For example, News Corp just sold their MySpace for a staggering low $30m. That is almost $500m less that what they bought it for. But, let’s say, in two years, MySpace is dead. Well, not dead, let’s say in vegitative state. All those use accounts will still be there, updated for the last time about 3 years ago. Things simply are forgotten. In the Netherlands you had the early website called ‘The Digitale Stad’ (The Digital City) which was crowded with people’s first websites. They are still there, somewhere.

We say that everything will stay on the internet as if it is a blessing, but please. It will show everyone what kind of crappy cleaning mentality we have as a people. If you are a parent, you know it is very difficult to have your children cleaning up. Sigh. But nothing beats the mess online. Eeeew.

No, we need a good explosion. A big boom. Just like they do in Europe; if a building is not being used anymore, just demolish it and make room for new stuff. Clean it up. But with a bang. Because that is the other stuff. Since everything is virtual online, demolishing stuff is nothing else than just deleting it.

Pffffff. Where are the good old days? I mean, in the good old days of DOS you had the command KILL. This was a very destructive delete. It did not come back anymore. It was gone. I want keywords like that again. Not delete… I want: DESTROY. Or DEVASTATE. Or ANIHALATE my files. Boom! Gone! And when I do that, I want my monitors to shake, or even if I do it on my iPad, that or iPod or Android phone that is shakes while making a loud BOOM sound, and you see the dust first settling. Let’s make cleaning our stuff up fun again. Let’s get in a big Boom!


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