What the FF?

When I arrived at my computer earlier this morning I noticed a new update waiting for me. If I would like to activate the FireFox 6.0a beta. Ehm, excuse me, didn’t we go over this a little while ago? I mean, the posting in which I mentioned that the FireFox 5 browser was following number 4 up after a mere three months. And that was about a month ago!

Again, I don’t mind the updating, but this numbers game is really making things weird. Google at least doesn’t even try to show the release numbers, so you don’t care too much about it in Chrome. Chrome’s release numbers are more like minor update versions. But the Mozilla foundation likes to present their version numbers as being something major. A new version number, for a developer, means running all the sites again, seeing if everything still works. And, sorry people at Mozilla, this is not browser version 6. You are still working on browser version 4, with two minor update releases.

When do developers of these browsers finally realize that these kind of updates are the same like updates for a virus definition. Nobody cares. But throwing a new major release number with it, gets every developer or network administrator freaked out, because it will take them at least a couple of hours to check everything. And although the guys from Mozilla might like that, to get you up and running around immediately on Monday morning… I like, as many others, to come in, get my coffee first, and then go over the planning of the week. So, I am sorry FF, I am going to treat you simply like nothing happened. Tsssss… version 6…. sure…


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